Doll clothing

Completed projects

Captor Card Sakura (1st opening dress)



Haru from Free!


free DDS-6_vita_Feb-26-232825-2015_Conflict

HASEGAWA KOBATO from Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai



SHIMAKAZE from Kancolle




Misaki Mei from Another



misaki mei

Saber Alter

Finally finished my most wanted cosplay for DD, the original Saber Alter dress ^^

saber alter


Yuzuriha Inori from Guilty Crown

My first custom Dollfie Dream :) I chose a DDH06 head mold for her. Face up- was done by Hikaru (hikaru123 on flickr). 



 Another Blood from Demonbane

Finished this dress recently, it was quite hard this time! specially the hat. I think the final result is good, I hope the owner is happy ^^.

Yamato Suzuran

Small MDD project :)

Touka Kureha


Another finished project!

For now I just finished the “battle dress” on the right. I was very happy when I was asked to commission this dress ^^, I never played the Shining Wind game, but I saw Kureha figures and I loved her dress! I hope you like this one, I took me a lot of trial and error to complete it, the top is not easy to adjust and the sleeves, phew! those were quite hard ^^’. I made the boots of patent leather and my father made a mold for the heels. He also made the bow, specially for the dress. It’s beautiful! I really have to ask him to make one for me :D

Here you have a picture from a real DD Kureha (Anouc’s), cutom face up by Hikaru. Lovely!!!!!!

Okami Ryoko, from Okami-san to Shichinin no nakama tachi

Took me longer than I expected but here it is!

I used photoshop to paint Nia’s green hair, hehe, looks terrible I know, but at least looks a bit more like Ryoko :) It was quite hard to find the proper color (dark grey). I only could find this one and it’s a bit too tick for my taste, so the skirt doesn’t fall like I wanted, but appart from that I’m quite happy with the result.

Eureka, from Eureka 7

Nia really fits as Eureka, don’t you think?^^


Beatrice, The Endless Witch from Umineko no Naku Koro ni

I finally finished this dress, it was made for tsun-chan’s Beatrice. He custom made this character and I offered to make the dress for his doll.

It was very challenging!

Here is the result :) My Saku-chin is modeling temporarily, soon I’ll add the real pictures of Beato!


Lacus Clyne from Gundam Seed

This was my first cosplay project. I liked Lacus Clyne character in Gundam Seed, she is very kind and sweet, just like Nia^^.

Here you can see the result. I had to redo the shirt, I am pretty satisfied with this one :)

And I still haven’t bought a pink wig for Nia ><, I’ll have to make more cosplays that require a pink wig so I can use it more often:)

Kämpfer school dress

The hardest part was to do the blue undershirt, as it has to be very fit. Working with L bust is always more complicated than with M one :D.

Here you have the original dress: Shizuku, the evil one?^^

This is a picture that AnimeAffection kindly sent me. Check his Flickr to see more about his lovely girls!

I did the inner blue shirt as tight as her body curves let me, hehe. The inside has a white layer to prevent staining, and I added a velcro at the back. The skirt also has a white layer on the inside.

Full set here. I decided to embroider the white line on the collar as it was easier for me to do it this way than attaching a satin ribbon.

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  1. Thank you for doing this for me! The outfit came out great! The skirt is absolutely perfect and I’ll probably want some more like it. I just need to finish her wig and she will be complete =) I’ll send you pics of her when she is finished. Thanks again!

    PS. I hope my girls aren’t too distracting from the outfit lol.

    • Thank you for trusting me^^

      Your girls are beautiful, would be weird if the outfit drove more attention than them :))

  2. Oh my goodness, you are amazing. You sew the dresses that I draw all the time and thought it would be impossible to make. Your girls are beautiful by the way. One day you will be one of those people whose clothing (doll and human) sell for hundreds of (insert currency here). Unless you aren’t one already.

  3. Hi! I have a question…..Do you like make the dolls? Like with molds and stuff?!

  4. How do your commissions work? So you make up outfits for sale also?

    • Hi! Right now I can’t take more commissions as I have some in queue already, and from time to time i do put original outfits for sale, I post updates on twitter and facebook :)

  5. Very Cool, nice work Kuraikawai

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