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About me

Hiya ^_^

This is my little corner where you can read a bit about myself.

The contents of this blog will refer only to my hobbies, and things I do related to them. Posted content doesn’t mean to offend anyone, and if it ever does, please kindly contact me and I will withdraw it. You are very welcome to post comments here with your opinion, and constructive critics, please refrain to make rude comments that might offend people reading or myself.

Who is

I’m a cheerful Spanish girl, that loves everything related to Japan xD. After the years for different reasons, i got to use two different nicknames apart form the brand name ( You can find me on Twitter and Flickr as Kuraikawai or Facebook as Nia Chan (my first doll’s name). 

Why did I create this blog?

I thought this was a good way to organize my ideas, projects and photos and make it public at the same time, so other people can take a look and share thoughts and opinions.


I didn’t have to think too much about the name of this blog, I love purple color, and I like how ” murasaki” sounds (purple in japanese). Unfortunately the domain .com was taken, and I randomly chose .me ( me ? means eyes),  which turned out perfect for the meaning “purple eyes”. So this is why its called :)

Anime, manga and Japan

Anime, manga and Japan became very popular in the last few years in my country, this helped a lot to get in touch with new blogs, webs, and people that also shared this hobby. So starting from the beginning, I should go back …in 2002 when I met a friend that was really into Japanese culture, she introduced me into japanese music, j-pop, j-rock, cosplay… I wasn’t aware of how many things I could find while surfing the web! That year I wore my first cosplay at a local anime convention, it was so fun to represent an anime character and be photographed!. 

I have to say I have always been a bit lazy to surf the web, read forums and do research, I didn’t know about blogs either at that time :S, but at the end of 2008 I found out my husband was reading a couple of interesting blogs related to japanese and otaku culture. He read Kirai’s blog (, a spanish guy living in Japan and who was working with Danny Choo at that time. Through his blog we discovered Danny Choo’s ( I found his blog very interesting and it helped me to be updated with a lot of Japanese culture and otaku related stuff. 

Dollfie Dream and custom clothes

I heard about them before they became popular on DC, but I had never seen how they looked like. The first time I saw them, I thought “oooohh they are so cuuute, I must get one!” …and Nia came some months later as a birthday present :) (2009).

I was lucky because my father volunteered to sew the cosplays for me, and I always observed closely how he made them so one day I could make them too :). When I got Nia, and also encouraged by Chun’s amazing work ( , I decided to try my sewing skills on her, and started to make some custom designs and mini cosplays for her. Even after these years I always learn new things and try to get better! you can check out all my work at the top of this blog “My work at glance”.

Collaboration with Danny Choo

On my first trip to Japan, I met Danny Choo in Japan and he got to know about my work. He decided to use my T-shirt design for the official Smart Doll outfit. I was very very, I said very? happy to be able to collaborate in such a great project! After that, I also designed the Tora Kigurumi for him and Sheep Kigurumi. You will find as one of the official tailors for Smart Dolls on his website, which means a lot to me :3

Japanese language

In 2007, I finally decided to start learning japanese in a local language school. I was lucky to get in, because the acceptance goes through a lottery since there are many interested students now. My first teacher was a native, which helped a lot, and made it very enjoyable!! Now I can go to Japan and even have a small simple conversation with locals, but I need to study more Kanji!!!


This was the typical thing I always thought “I wish I could take beautiful photos”. When I could finally get a DSLR camera and started to learn about photography, it’s takes a lot of time which I don’t have now sadly, but I enjoy taking photos of my dolls, hopefully will get better bit by bit ^^.


This was a bit about myself, I hope you enjoyed reading it!

Looking forward to see you in my blog!

Thanks for reading,

Kuraikawai ^_^

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