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On my last trip to Japan, I brought back home Smart Doll Ebony Futaba. She is simply stunning! I had my eye on her since her release, but I had to wait a bit since Sheryl was also on her way.

We renamed her Midori Futaba :3

Since I was at the store, I also bought the red boots and short jeans. The cardigan she is wearing is actually the prototype of the cardigan you can find on Smart Doll`s Store web page. The tanned skin was a big +++ when choosing between Chitose or Futaba sisters, the skin color is really nice! I also liked how it looked on Eiji Crimson version…. if I ever get a male doll, it will be him xD.

So I leave you with the short photoshoot of Midori! Photos of Japan soon!







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  1. I see, you was also thinking about Chitose-chan~~ (^_^;)
    Congrats on Midori-chan! She is very cute! (^_^)/
    In case Danny-san will release tanned Chitose-chan, I will get her as well.

  2. May I ask what size wig the smart dolls wear?

  3. Do you know anyone who makes custom smart doll clothing? And do they have a website? Thanks, bye! :) P.S. my website is still in progress.

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