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Summer sets 2014



Some months ago I bought fat quarters of some really nice quality fabric with many different prints and was keeping them to make summer skirts and finally made them! xD Each one has a matching shirt with different straps too. The sets fit both Smart Doll S/M and Dollfie Dream M/L busts. If you like them you can find them here on my store, they are limited to one or two of each kind!

mirai summer set

summer sets 2014-1

Hot pink and straps around the neck, fit on Smart doll on the first picture of this post.

summer sets 2014-2

summer sets 2014-3

summer sets 2014-4

Back for both skirt and shirt is with velcro

summer sets 2014-35

and lined with whitesummer sets 2014-5

Ocean blue with little flower pattern on the skirt, also with straps around the neck. L bust heresummer sets 2014-6

summer sets 2014-7

summer sets 2014-8

summer sets 2014-36

summer sets 2014-9

Turquoise, with elastic strapssummer sets 2014-10

summer sets 2014-11

summer sets 2014-12

summer sets 2014-37

summer sets 2014-13

Red with also red striped skirtsummer sets 2014-14

summer sets 2014-15

summer sets 2014-16

summer sets 2014-39

summer sets 2014-19

Cream white, with hot pink skirt , X crossed elastic strapssummer sets 2014-20

summer sets 2014-21

summer sets 2014-22

summer sets 2014-40

summer sets 2014-23

Green with also X crossed elastic strapssummer sets 2014-24

summer sets 2014-25

summer sets 2014-26

summer sets 2014-38

Thanks for looking I hope you like them! :)))

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  1. Score! Bagged myself the Green Summer Set for my Smart Doll! :D

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