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Fairy Kei set



This set was also meant as a special for the Dolls and Party event…but I got so many good comments on it that I’m definitely going to make more! (it was sold out at the event ^^”) Also liked a lot how the colors fit the doll style, it’s sweet and cute :). The style is called Fairy Kei (wiki), full of cuteness and pastel colors ^^. Here you have a few pictures I took before the event ^o^. First two pictures were taken by AOJ outdoors xD.



fairy kei-1
fairy kei-5

Finished set here with the headband and short jacket. My friend Uriko designed the special eyes and they were included also in the set ^^

fairy kei-4

In this set I also included the shoes :)

fairy kei-3

fairy kei-2

Plushie unicorn from Sanrio was not included :p I happened to buy the last of the site, sowwy ^^’

Look forward for more updates on this set style!

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  1. That set is really adorable! What a cute girly look for a DD. ^^

  2. que puedo decir que no sepas???? ya hay ganas de ver como quedaran los siguientes, a mi se me cae la baba con este outfit? >3<

  3. pd: el interrogante era un corazon pero ha sudado de ponerlo XDDD

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