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Hi! they say, better late than never ^^ here I’m posting some of the pictures I took while my husband and I were visiting a friend in the east coast of the US back in november 2012. I took 2 girls this time, well, 2 and a half^^ hehe, 1 body and 2 heads to make it easier to carry. Sadly, we just got there together with Sandy hurricane…and the weather got pretty bad, so I didn’t get many pictures of the girls >_<.

The trip started in Philadelphia, we just got there 2 days before Sundy, but since everyone was getting ready, the city was quite empty :o. Even after Sandy the stores remained closed. In my country there are no alerts like this, and the atmosphere felt really different. Luckily for Philly citizens, Sandy didn’t hit very hard. Above a picture of the Independence Hall.

Rea-chan went with us that day, very urban style with Independence Hall’s walls in the back ^^.  As an anecdote, at the security check to enter both the Liberty Bell museum and Independence Hall was really surprised to see Rea-chan coming out from the bag…all I could think was “don’t touch her face, don’t touch her faaaaceee”.

Me and Rea-chan at the Liberty Bell. Typical photo for all tourists :p I can remember hubby saying, ” You are not making me take a picture of you and the doll in from of all these people right??? lol , and ofc I did :p

I took most of this pictures with my iPhone, I have to say I was a bit lazy to wear the camera all the time as, but also it was very rainy, so I felt better with just the phone^^.

Instagram/iDarkroom photo :)

We visited the University campuses, this is Drexel’s mascot known as “Mario the Magnificent” …Mario-chan? :p

A bit too big for Rea-chan, so I had to make a close up, hehe or else it would like “what is that little thing at the dragon’s feet” :p

At the Penn (University of Pensylvannia), if I remember correctly, there is this well know LOVE statue by Robert Indiana. The most known one can be found in the Center City. Beautiful campus btw :)

Rea peeking from her travel bag xD

This is a view of Philly from one of the highest towers in the Trade Center, we went to a restaurant there ^^

I forgot to take pictures of the food :o only took one of the dessert^^. Coming up a lot of picture of food! hehehe, better read this post after lunch :p
A tea and a chocolate cookie filled with marshmallow!

We couldn’t forget to visit Rocky! hehe

Hubby and me :3 *sings the rocky music*

Gates of Hell, this door that depicts a scene from Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. Wikipedia link here. The detail is so amazing :o

We found this nice painiting on our way to brunch :33

Cute tea house!

The place is called Sabrina’s. Here in Spain we don’t have places like this, so for american’s must sound funny that I’m amazed at those dishes :p but here we have pretty simple sandwiches compared to yours!

Omelette with veggies and fruit.

Benedict eggs with salmon, this was mine :3

Same place just different day. This was spinach sandwich?

Bell peppers….I cried a lot lol….as I misread the ingredients >_< I hate bell peppers T_T

Maya at home during the days we had to stay at home because of Saaaanddyyyyyy!!

I bought a while back this cute Korilakkuma phone bag that fits really well dollfie dream ^^

I found strawberry pocky in a chinese food sture in Philly’s ChinaTown :3! my fav!

Maya and her hypnotic eyes :3 Love her!

We bought everything needed to make pancakes at home, they turned out pretty good! :3 hehehe

We went to buy food to a Whole Foods supermarket, I love to “inspect” what supermarkets sell in different countries, there is always different things from your own country, so again, for americans this can be boring :p sowwy ^^

Outside there were a lot of different pumpkins with Halloween around the corner

Nice work!

hmmm! so many fresh fruit

Loved the colors of those peppers

Dollfie apples???

Colorful and different types of salt

Kawaiii! this has definitely japanese influence xD

I love to see variety in food ^^

This one was too funny xD

Our friend found a small japanese restaurant that made really good food.

We also visited Washington DC, but as we went just for 2 days I dind’t pick any girl with me, so I’ll leave you with just few pictures I also uploaded on Instagram.

Pool of reflection

Lincoln statue building in the back.

There was a small park with some artistic sculptures, this metallic tree really caught my attention, looked awesome!

cute squirrels everywhere (we don’t have many of those in our spanish cities, just pigeons :p)

The capitol.

The 3rd visit was New York City! with difference my favorite xD, I will visit again for sure!

Maya in NY, this is from Highline park, I only took her out one day (>_<) I didn’t take as many photos as I expected and ended up just carrying her in the bag >_<

Panoramic photo of Central Park’s map, we just walked from the bottom to the big lake.

So famous spot from many movies^^

Alice in Wonderland statue. This one is for Uriko-chan ^^

Panoramic pictures of Times Square at Night! so Tokyo-like xD

We had dinner at the Time’s Square Buba Gump restaurant. This was some weird beer-lemon fanta combo xD.

As a pasta lover when I could I always ordered mac and cheese pasta :p

Shrimp combo

Spaghetti with sea food

m&m’s store

We went to the Empire State building, we had this amazing sunset waiting for us! Its was veeeeery cold up there, brrrrrr!

World Trade Center view

This is me in front of the Gates of the New Yorl Palace Hotel that appears in mainly in the 1st ans 2nd season of Gossip Girl tv series, sadly it was getting some renovations and the whole courtyard was covered.

Central Station! amazing :o

We ate many times in China town, yum yum! These were a kind of tako-yaki balls but chinese ver.

Ramen :333

Last stop was Boston.

Hancock Tower, this building appears as the FBI main office in Fringe tv series, hehehe

Sam La Grasa, remember this name, you definitely must come to this sandwich restaurant. They make these delicious sandwiches, you can even customize them. I’ve never seen so much ham in a sandwich :oooo

Also a very well known restaurant which we also loved was The Cheesecake Factory, I would love to have one in Barcelona!

Strawberry cheesecake

Banana cheesecake

Tomato spaghetti and chicken breast battered with parmigiano.

Also chicken breast with mushrooms and mashed potatoes.

And I had a picture of a bananan cheesecake that I don’t seem to find on my phone now >_<

So that was it :) we had a great time! although I didn’t take out the girls as much as I expected.


Thanks for reading!




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  1. I’m glad you had such a good time here in the States (although boo! about arriving with Hurricane Sandy!)… and I LOVE the “peeking from the bag” photo XD

    • Thanks Heather! we had a lot of fun, and we will come back for sure! Rea-chan was impatient to get out of the bag the poor thing :p

  2. Gracias por poner y sacar la foto de Alice!! Me encanta <3
    Sobre la comida, sabes que soy asquerosilla, así que me quedo sólo con las tartas XD
    Me encantan todas las fotos, una lástima que no pudieras sacar más a las nenas.

    • hehe, pensé en ti enseguida cuando lo ví ^^, me encanta sacar fotos de comida así que no pueden faltar:p y si una pena lo de las nenas, en Japón la saqué un montón pero aquí no ví tantas oportunidades >_< aparte del mal tiempo

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