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Small doll meeting


Some weeks ago my friend Uriko-chan visited my city and we couldn’t miss the chance to take our girls out for a photoshoot xD.
Maya and Mai met Uriko’s Yuki, Ai, and Rin!

We went to a park in Barcelona called “El Laberint”, the labyrinth, it has a real labyrinth there, we had a lot of fun trying to get out hahhaahaha.

Kowaii Rin!! Hahaha, I had a request for Uriko-chan, I asked her to bring Rin with this yellow cat eyes because I prepared this black cat dress for her, I thought it would fit her!

Nyan-Rin, but not the kawaaii type xD, i like her looks tho!

Maya is wearing a skirt from a volks set and the tops were made by me, testing the patterns and some new shaped-eyelets I bought :3

Maya-chan <3333

You can see the labyrinth in the back :)

Ai-chan, I think this wig makes her very cuute ^^

It got too dark after those last pics, so this is all. I was very happy to meet Uriko-chan and her lovely girls!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Cool!! They look great Kitkat! I love Maya-chan’s new outfit. Rin does look amazing with yellow cat eyes, rather surprised by that.

    • i was happy to meet Uriko’s girls hehe, i wanted her to bring especially Rin and Yuki, and I also brought 2 girls she doesn’t have, hehe, this way we could see other molds :). Her Rin is like her black cat, that is why she has those eyes and I made her that dress :3

  2. what a cute bunch of girls :D Meets are awesome :3!

    • Yes! We had a lot of fun! i don’t have many chances to have doll meetings as they are not many DD owners in my area, and for this one we were only 2, so I brought 2 girls and lent Uriko-chan a body for her Rin, hehehe

  3. Argh! Cómo se me ha podido olvidar comentar aquí!! Encima que salen mis niñas! Me encantó ese día, ojalá estuvieras más cerca para vernos más veces!!

  4. ya veo a que conjutito te referias. a Rin le va que ni pintado^^

    salen todas las niñas preciosas!!

  5. Soooooo cute. I love anime dolls. Obistu ai chan and petite hime are anime dolls. Check them out!!!!!!!!!!! TEEEHEEEE

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