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New Year in Paris


This post comes a bit late, but I really waned to share it with you. This year, we decided to celebrate New Year’s eve in a different way, and we choose Paris!
I haven’t visited many cities in Europe yet, so I can’t really compare, but I was totally outshone my it’s beauty! What a lovely city!.

The one that came with us this time was Saku-chin :) she was very happy (Nia was totally angry at me…hehehe).

For the occasion, and since it was going to be colder than in Spain, I made some new warm clothes for Saku. A Kuma body warmer, pink tartan skirt and a white t-shirt with a leather corset. I also knitted a scarf and a hat (kawaiii neeee!). And for New Year Saku got to wear a new kimono (can see more pictures of that in this post xD).
Sadly the weather in Paris wasn’t very good (as expected? :p) and I couldn’t take many pictures of Saku…the poor thing had to remain in the bag for the most part of the trip >_<.
 Most of the pictures were taken with an iPhone 4GS camera, which surprisingly (if I focus the image ^^’) weren’t that bad at all! the good ones were taken by my husband on a normal DSLR. I also downloaded Instagram, which lets you edit pictures and upload the in a page similar to flickr, the last picture was edited with Instagram.
 The first stop was Notre Damme and the surroundings in the IV District. Notre Damme was gorgeous, from both the outside and inside, very well preserved and clean, I spotted some of the gargolyles that appeared in the Hunchback of Notre Damme movie hehehe.

 Nativity scene in Notre Damme

The IV District has many interesting places to visit, the Pompidou center, or the Town hall are there too.

There are many shops there, with many streets closed to traffic, so you can take a walk at your own pace, with many crêpe restaurants (I do not recomment the crêpes bought in the street stands, we had one and stomach ache for 2 days ^^””’). Nearby you have the Latin Quarter, there you can eat for a very good price, and you have a lot of places to choose! I think I’ve never seen so many restaurants together xD.


Next day we went to visit the Eiffel Tower! amazing xD. The best place to see it is from the Trocadero, then you can walk to the tower’s base and wait in the line to go up.
 The tower is amazing! I could take Saku out of the bag here, quickly when the rain paused.
We didn’t want to wait to go up the tower, the queue was too looooong :S

This is the tower at night.

Instead we went to a small cafe nearby and had a Pétit Déjeuner ^^.
 This breakfast was about 8€, Paris is quite expensive, but we managed to eat well for good prices, and that doesn’t include McDee!
Okaasan and Saku ^^
 Saku with a souvenir we bought.
Then we went to the Arc du Triomf and walked all the way down to the Louvre, great walk! There is glamour everywhere! hehe. Paris has a lot of big squares and parks comprared to Barcelona, you get the feeling of space,it’s not a cramped city, I liked that :).
 At the end of the Champs Élyssées there is a white ferris wheel and the park des Tulleries.  At the end of the park you will find the Louvre museum.

We went there twice, and luckily the second say the sun came out and Saku could appear a bit more in the pictures xD.

Sorry about the lack of nice poses, but I didn´t want to put her down, the ground was all wet.

If you want to have a nice brunch or breakfast in a nice place, you must go to this tea shop called Angelina. It’s near le park des Tulleries.

Normally there is a long queue outside, many japanese people, hehe, its a famous place for it’s delicious dessers and hot chocolate, also good tea. We went there to have a Brunch……awesome….so good we went the next day too!.

It’s a bit expensive (25-50€) but I assure you that if you eat a breakfast there you won’t need lunch, so in the end I think you save up ^^.

This was the small breakfast, hmmmm! I took ceylon tea, and hubby hot chocolate. You get 3 types of croissants, and a bread with different flavors of jam and honey. The “small size” brunch includes the latter and also eggs cooked in any way you prefer and fruit.

We chose eggs à la benedict xD.

Fast pic of Saku when we were leaving :D

Right next the Angelina, you can find the first english bookshop established on the contient :o

 Nearby we saw this statue of Janne d’Arc, made me thing of Fate/Stay Night and Saber, hehe.

We also visited Montmartre and le Sacré Coeur, this quarter looks like a small town with up and down streets with paving stones, I loved it!

The Sacré Coeur is gorgeous, it has very nice views of the city, too bad it was cloudy.

The Sacré Coeur is very beautiful in the inside.

A scale model of the basilique.

 We couldn’t miss the Moulin Rouge, not very  spectacular, since it was redesigned and looks like a modern cinema… but it was a must see ^^.

Oh, btw, DO NOT stop there nearby for a drink, we did and were charged 7€ for a cola (machine cola, not tin or bottled) and 1l beer for 16€. Rip off!

One place I totally recommend is a restaurant called ” Les Pâtes Vivandes” despite of the name, it’s a chinese restaurant with the most delicious noodles I’ve ever eaten! they are home made, I forgot to take pictures of the dished because it was almost 3pm and we were starving!

The hotel we were staying in was at Place de l’Italie, it was a *** Hotel Best Western Weha, clean, and staff was nice too. We found a good offer for it, but it’s not very cheap if you just go there without an offer. Place de l’Italie was a good place because from there we could take all metro lines that went to the most visited palces, so we didn’t have to waste many time on transportation.

The last day of our trip we went to the Opera district, there you can find the famous Lafayette Galeries.

There are always many tourists there because you can go up the last floor and see nice views from there.

The opera. I was happy to find out there was a Uniqlo store in Paris, it’s a japanese store like Zara or MANGO from Spain, I love he quality of their clothes.

That was our adventure in Paris, we had fun and were amazed by the beauty of the city. We will definitely come back!


Thanks for reading :)

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  1. That’s a BIG beer! LOL Looks like a great holiday. I’ve not been in Paris for maybe 10 years or more. Loved it when I was there, too.

    Sakura looks sooooo CUTE! :D Lucky girl to be able to go with you. :D

    • Thanks! big beer inddeed @_@ he couldn’t finish it…. but we were tricked, because he asked for a big beer, meaning 500ml or so, but not 1L …. he wanted to charge us more of course :p. I was happy I could bring Sakura ^^ and happy my husband takes for granted one daughter is coming with us on every tip xD, next will be in USA, and Mai will come with us!

  2. What am I saying! 20 years!!!

  3. Yay! Me encantó el post! Y Saku-chin está guapisisima con el trajecito fuwa! (o el felpudito jajaja)
    Cuando me dijiste que pudisteis sacar pocas fotos no me esperaba esto! Son un montón!!
    Me encanta esa foto que salis las dos! L-O-V-E

    • Bueno fotos hay muchas, pero de Saku no tantas como me hubiera gustado >_<, me encanta hacerme fotos en plan Mama-hija :p

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