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DDS Millhi



Next Dollpa will release a new DDS dollfie, this time the character is Millhiore F. Biscotti, from the anime Dog Days. She’s very kawaii desu ne???

All photos are taken from the DD blog

She would be good as my 1st DDS ^^ hehehe (1st and unique, lol)

I think they did a great job on the dress, it has a lot of parts and details xD. Maybe that is why she is not as cheap as previous DD’s? now I can’t remember for how much DDS Reimu or Marisa were sold, but Millhi will be almost 60000 including taxes.

hmm, I’m quite intereted in seeing those gloves, they don’t look like they are made of the same fabric as the dress….

Kawaii furry ears ^^ maybe a bit too big, bue still kawaii xD

and tail…wan wan!

There will be an extra dress available, I think it’s the from the last episode. It will include a wig too without buns :)

Images taken from Wolfheinrich’s blog xD

The set includes the dress, shoes, long wig, pendant, gloves, and head flower.

Kawaiiii!!! <3



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  1. The extra dress is totally awesome.

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