Doll clothing Store opening!



I am happy to announce that I’m opening a store to sell the clothes I make. –>Store!!

I will try to add items as often as my work allows me ^^’. Updates will be published on my Twitter, Flickr and Facebook accounts, you can follow me there to stay tunned :)

To start with, I added some known items, a few more hoodies!, while I am working on new things :) I also made a DD nightgown :D sexy! :p

Since it’s the first time I’m try this way of selling clothes, some adjustments to the method might be needed, if you decide to buy something and an error occurs, just mail me and I will do my best to solve it right away! (unless it’s sleeping time in Europe^^’).

I thank Chun-san, she gave me some useful tips while setting up the store, she has her own at her burogu too! –> Chun’s store <3

Here you have the BRS trio! hehehe

The hoodies fit all types of bodies (except MDD, unless you want them to wear extra large clothes ^^) and all types of busts.

Oh, and those skirts are coming soon being part of a set :) I will keep you updated!!!

Saku-chin has L bust

Mai-tan has a DDdy body

And Nia has M bust. The hoodie has a metallic zipper that comes from up to down, a small star on the front…

big star on the back…

The hoodie can be put on the head, however it is quite fit and bigger head mold like DD Yoko might be too small.

BRS trio again ^^. As I mentioned, the skirts will be available soon as a part of a set I am still preparing.


Thanks for looking, and I hope you take a look at the Store!


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  1. Nice to see you made BRS hoodies again. ^^
    Very happy with the one I bought from the first ones you created a while ago.

    • i’m so happy you like it^^ I had those started for a few months now, but didn’t find time to finish them. :p I will add more new and different stuff soon :D

  2. congrats on your store opening! ^O^!

  3. Congrats on your store opening =D Is it possible to do request? like the previous post the school uniforms and dollfie lacus cosplay the outfits is very pretty and would like to buy it.

    • Hi! I will make school uniforms, like the ones you saw, but not immediately. About the Lacus cosplay, I’m not taking comisions for now, maybe in the future I will again, and when I do I will mail you xD. I can’t sell you the one on the post because I didn’t line it with white, and it’s the first one I made, so probably I can do better now :p

  4. tatatadaaaaa~ … *drum roll* … nice to see your shop opening ^^

  5. Congrats on the store opening!

  6. Congrats Congrats!! <3 i just ordered one X) can't wait to have it on my Yoko

  7. Congrats on opening a shop! When and if you have school uniforms for sale I hope to snatch one ^_^

    • Thanks Maarit-chan! Those are the next ones to come, but not sailor type yet^^ I hope I can update by the end of the week!

  8. ¡Viva viva! Me encanta oír eso @u@ ¡Superenhorabuena!

  9. CONGRATS on the new store! I wish you great success! :D

    • Thanks Peter! :) that will depend a lot on me, I have to add items regularly now, hehehe :) I hope people like what I make :)

      • You’re welcome, kk. I like 100% cotton clothing. If you make something non-staining from 100% cotton, I will buy it!

        • noted! I’ll make white hoodies aswell (not this next weeks, but soon) Next to come are school uniforms ( skirt, socks, ribbon, cardigan and possibly a shirt)
          I have to say that Sakura has been wearing black stockings made of the same fabric as the hoodie for 2 weeks and it didn’t leave a stain at all! It’s 100% cotton T-shirt fabric, but elastic, like our T-shirt in fact xD.

          • Awesome! I’m always afraid of staining with dark fabric and thread colors.

            Ah, ok. Good to know. :D

            I also need the new clothes sized for Saber in DDdyIII L size. My other girls are still in storage for an unknown period of time. :(

          • yes it’s a risk, but I have to test it on my girls 1st xD, I didn’t line the hoodies because you can put a long sleeve under it easily :) I cant tell 100% sure for the thread, as I might change brands from time to time…
            There will be many Sabers to dress up soon xD hehehehe.

  10. May i ask where to purchase the green wig? ^-^

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