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Hi minna!!

I have the pleasure to introduce you Murasaki-chan! She is a new character created by me and illustrated by Puppy52 (Chun), a great artist and doll seamstress! She did an awesome job! Thank you so much! <3

Murasaki-chan will be greeting you soon every time you come to visit my blog and she will keep you company while you stay here xD. Yoroshiku-ne!

When I created the blog, I wanted a name domain “murasaki” but .com was already taken, so I chose .me, and coincidentally means “purple eyes” in japanese. So when I thought about a site mascot, she had to have purple hair and eyes xD. Isn’t she lovely??

As with the old header, kindly made by my husband ^^, there are butterflies here too. I love them! and so does Murasaki-chan :)

Chun kindly sent me pictures of the sketches, step by step to the final version!

I hope you like her! I hope I can make her into a dollfie some day!

Here at Chun’s blog entry you can see the step by step explanation xD

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  1. I look forward to see her as a dollfie huhuhu!

  2. Awwww! She’s very cute and sweet. Such lovely big eyes. ? ? ?

  3. Murasaki is beautiful mascot, so cute and special. I would really love to see her as a dollfie too.

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