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29-3-11: Thank you so much! the auction ended!

30-3-11: All items have been packed and sent! I saw it later that I could have make the donation directly from eBay… I will donate it as soon as paypal sends the money to my account to the web page linked below (Red Cross Spain to the Tsunami and Earthquake japan 2011) I can’t pay though paypal, so it’s going to take a few more days.I will keep you updated!

31-3-11: Donation done! the text appears in catalan, our local language here, but I think the main message can be understood by anyone. Thanks again for your collaboration, I was very happy to be able to help a bit, I hope you all like the hoodies!


After a bit more than a week, Japan is still recovering from the big earthquake and tsunami that hit their coast on the 11th March. I’ve been very worried ever since I heard the shocking news and I want to help as much as I can. For this reason, and following the example of other doll seamstresses, I would like to contribute with a donation by selling this special “Help Japan” version hoodies.

There are 5 auctions on ebay, all the benefit received from the auctions them will go all to Red Cross. The donation will be done through spanish Red Cross web page in €.

eBay link here

Nia and Sakura gladly posed for the pictures and also wanted to show their support to Japan as well ^^.


All 5 hoodies are like Nia’s, the other was a test with a different zipper, I think red fits better for this one.

At the front there is a small red heart and on the back I put a red circle to make it look like Japan’s flag.

The fabric used is T-shirt cotton and red patent leather. Although both fabrics are white on the inside, the zipper is not, so be careful when leaving it on the doll for long periods of time as it might stain.

It fits all DD body types (S/M/L/DDdy)

The hoodie fits doll’s head, so you can put it on without problems.

Here you have some more detailed pictures.

Thanks for your collaboration! :)

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