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Winter Morning



Here you have some of the pictures I took for the Voks Winter photo contest.

Saku-chin was chosen for this shots, I liked how her pink hair matched the sofa :)

I didn’t had time to take outdoor shots, so I decided to take some at home. Since the topic was winter, Sakura is covered with white fur, makes it warmer!

Otherwise, I just felt like taking some shots with Saku resting comfy on the sofa :)

Here you have the rest of the photos, enjoy!

Version without the fur

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  1. Saku-chin is lovely! All of these shots are very nice ^^

  2. I love your shots of Saku-chin! She really looks lovely stretching out on the sofa, I especially like the 2nd shot of her kicking her feet up in the air on the fur cover.

    • Thanks! I wanted to make it look like one of those cold winter mornings with the white sky, where you just feel like staying at home and at the sofa+TV hehe ;)

  3. Waoooo!! Is very cute *w* And sexy too ^^
    Kisses!! *w*

  4. Lovely Sakura chan! Nice photos~ Pink sofa is very cute too~

  5. I want to hang out with her :)

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