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American Beauty?


Do you remember the full of roses bathtub scene in the American Beauty movie?

I thought that I could do some “American beauty” style photos of Nia… isn’t she lovely?^^.

Luckily there was no staining due to the petals xD you never know with their delicate skin ^^…oh and I didn’t kill the rose on purpose! it was already lying on the floor when I took it!

And for those who doesn’t remember, this was one of the the American Beauty posters.

Talking about flowers, I added a few shots I took during the Sakura blooming days. I love this tree, so beautiful! I wish I could go to Japan during this season :)

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  1. Lovely pics! I like that little hairclip you have on her XD

  2. Nice ;)
    I like the flower in her hair too, very cute ^^

  3. Nice scene! I was in shock actually, I didn’t think Nia chan is this bold!

  4. Very nice ^^ The thumbnail pic at Figure.FM totally got my attention. And not just American Beauty but also that Aphrodite painting… Or is it Venus? I dunno. One of those.

  5. tee hee beautiful girl <3! And gotta love the spring blossoms!

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