Doll clothing

My “to do” projects

Coming soon…. or better said, “Will do one of these days” ^^

 Leafa from Sword Art Online

leafa SAO


God Eater Ciel

Got the figure and love the dress xD



I know it was for sale, but I want to make my own :3


Mannaka from Nagi no Asukara


Manatsu from Uta Kata

This one will fit Nia perfectly!

DD Mashiro Hakama set

Since its so hard to get this set for a reasonable price, I decided to give a try and make a similar custom one :)


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  1. hey if you do do a set like mashiro’s please e-mail me

  2. I would love the Saber lolita dress if you ever decide to make one,but it would have to be a bigger bust cause I have a DDdy girl.

    • I will definitely make that dress one day :)! I hope I have a DDdy by then, because I don’t want to risk it for L bust :S

  3. Wow, you have many projects to take care of! I have a couple of custom characters I’m working on… Maybe I will call you to helpme to make the most difficult accessories! XD
    I hope you can complete them all!

    • hehe, well, those are more like “I would like to make them one day” none of them are commissions for now. I don’t post the commission pictures until I start doing them :p
      If I can I’ll help you ^^

  4. You have some nice outfits in this list. I would surely buy the Alter lolita dress (my Alter 2nd will totally need it) and the hakama set (i love hakamas!)

  5. You have a really nice talent here. I’d love to see these completed. Do you end up selling them? I would love to get one of the Yui and Black Lotus for my girls.

    • Thanks! Actually those are a long term projects, I don’t know if I’ll end up doing them as I always give priority to other dresses hehe. I have only sold cosplays that were orders, not the ones I made for me :)

  6. hi
    I have just started my Leafa-Cosplay
    I realy like to see how yours has ended.
    Would you mind to send a picture??
    Btw i like youre taste of cosplays ^^

  7. Holis soy Carol y soy de Barcelona y me preguntaba donde habias comprado las muñecas :3

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