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  1. Congratulations for opening your store <3 i've been waiting for this!! i'm buying one of these awesome hoodies for my Yoko!

  2. Do you have a whole set for sale? Would love to buy a set like the one in your Red Cardigan photos ^^

    • Hi! You can buy the cardigan and the skirt you want separately, but it won’t include a shirt or socks. right now I don’t have any done for sale… Sorry >_<

  3. Waiting for items for MDDs <

  4. hi i want to ask if you still sell clothes for dd-dy?
    thanks so much

  5. Two questions: Do the shirts stain? And second, do you ship worldwide? And how much?

    • Hi :)
      I’ve prewashed all fabrics, and for now none have stained, even the black, I use the same fabric for socks and left them for months on the doll and it was always ok. But as you know, you have to check always from time to time, I cannot guarantee it 100% for all dark colors.
      I do ship worldwide, you can check the shipping rates before purchasing when you choose your country. For up to 3 shirts with short sleeves its between 4-4.35 euros, then it gets more expensive, I always refund If I overcharge shipping.

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  12. How much are those dolls? I must get one!

  13. I was wondering what these dolls were called or if they were custom by you guys, if they are custom its fine.

    • Hi, these dolls are Dollfie Dream from Volks brand, you can customize them by changing the make-up, eyes and wig :)

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  15. How much do your clothes cost in usd? Can I buy your clothes, since I’m in the U.S?
    Thank you!

    • Hi, yes you can buy from US without problem, currency is set in euro, so when you check out you will pay in euro. To see the price in USD, you will have to use a currency converter. Keep in mind that paypal uses a different currency exchange rate, so the final price will show higher in paypal than on other currency exchange pages. :)

  16. I made my dollfie dream to look like murasaki <3 she's so cute! By the way I have one of the dark purple shirts and it doesn't stain, Mikii, by the way!

  17. My computer can’t send pics sorry:-(. Also, I would love to have a doll with a dress like murasaki’s, to complete my girl in time for St. Louis bjd con!!! Can you have this done for me?

    • aw, if you can send by mail of Facebook (Nia Chan) when you can! I cannot make you the white Murasaki-chan dress as someone else did it for me :) I will make more Murasaki-chan outfits one day xD

  18. Can I pay in usd, or does it have to be paid for in euros? Thank you!!

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  20. Wish Tora Kigurumi – Gao!!- was less, $298.89 is a bit steep.

  21. When are you going to make a kimono or some casual sets? It’s said coming soon for a long time.

  22. Will you be restocking the Charuca shirts? I loved the option that allowed you to customize a shirt.

  23. Hi, I love your casual outfits and all the t-shirts. I’m desperate to get some casual tops for my girls. Any idea when you might re-stock?

  24. Are you still making things?

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