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I will not take more commissions in the future, sorry about that, they are very time consuming and currently I don’t have as much time as before to fulfil all orders. Thanks for your understanding.


My last commissions in Queue

Rabbit from Alice Madness Returns game


White Black rock shooter

BRS white - quentin


















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  1. Hey,
    I’m just wondering if you have a time frame in mind for when you would be able to take on commissions again? I have an outfit I really want custom made and you’d be the perfect person for it! I’d just like to know so I have a date to save up for.
    Also just for reference, roughly how much do you charge for a custom outfit commission?

    • hi, sorry for my late reply. You can send me a mail with your idea, but right now I cannot accept more commissions until next year. If I accept it I’ll put you in queue. Thanks!

  2. Hello, could you do a custom commission for a dollfie dream body? And if you can’t, do you know someone who could? Thank you! ?*:.?. o(???)o .?.:*?

  3. Aye, would appreciate it very much if you could give me a buzz when you are ready to take commissions again.
    Would like to get some nisekoi school uniforms for my DDs.

    • Hi! I’m afraid I will close commissions totally for the time being. Sadly, work now is not leaving much time for the hobby …

  4. Any chance you’re open to commissions again cos I’m looking to commission a costume. Thanks!

    • Hello! I don’t think I will open cosplay commissions, only orders I take from time to time is casual dresses I already made before, main reason is that I don’t have much time right now and a new full set commission takes a lot of work, sorry bout that :(

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