Doll clothing

Ginger Kizuna



Kizuna is the last Doll member to join the family and I didn’t had time to take proper pictures of her yet >_<. Here I start with a wig change, I really like how she looks with ginger hair!!! do you think she is angry about me taking pictures of her after such a long time? …hmmmm….

GK-8 GK-9



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  1. No, I don’t think she is angry. (^_-)
    She looks very good with this wig. Cute~ (^_^)

  2. Lovely! Kizuna with a ginger colored wig with such long curls is perfect, really makes her look like a tsundere ojousama.

  3. She looks great with ginger hair. I really like this look on her.

  4. hi, she is pretty.
    can I require her wig? where did you buy it?
    thank you

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