Doll clothing

Sheep Kigurumi


After the Tora Kigurumi, the next one I wanted to make was the Moekana Sheep Kigurumi. I tried my best to make it look as the illustration, but couldn’t make it as “fat, chubby” because of the scale of the doll, it would have turned up into a huge furry ball xD. I just had time to take few photos before sending it to Danny. This time this will be the only one I’ll make, and won’t be able for sale. I hope you like it! Mee mee meeeeeee!

kigu sheep-3


chitose moekana

Chitose-chan illustrated by Ikkyu sensei.

kigu sheep-4  kigu sheep-2 kigu sheep-1

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  1. It looks super cute. Great job!

  2. it looks so cool and cute!

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