Doll clothing

Miku under the cherry blossoms


Cherry Blossoms! or better said A cherry blossom xD. My parents have a cherry tree in their garden and this year I made it to come by at the right time for some pictures. Last year we had bad weather and all flowers were gone within days >_<. At least I’m happy I can get a lil bit of “Sakura” season at home :)

So here are the 1st photoshoot of the long awaited Miku-chan. I am very very happy I ordered her, she is just so lovely <3! She is wearing a test outfit that My friend Uriko said it looked like an Idol xD, couldn’t be better for Miku!  I hope you like the rest of the pictures!

miku spring-3

miku spring-1 miku spring-2  miku spring-4 miku spring-5

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  1. Too kawaii! Congratulations!

  2. Preciosas las fotos! Me encanta el outfit! Y ese colorido de todas las fotos <3 <3

  3. Super cute photos :D

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