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One of recent cosplay commissions I finished is a Free! costume for an obitsu male doll. Since don’t have one, I tried it on a DDS body since the measures are similar. It can also fit a normal DD or a smart doll body, so Mirai-chan got to wear it for a few pictures.

free mirai-1

free mirai-2

The set are 3 pieces, jacket, shirt and swimsuit. It is made to look like Haru’s character swimwuit. If you watched the series you will know that each of them has a different color line and Haru’s is purple :)

free DDS-5_vita_Feb-26-232822-2015_Conflict free DDS-4_vita_Feb-26-232819-2015_Conflict free DDS-3_vita_Feb-26-232815-2015_Conflict free DDS-2_vita_Feb-26-232812-2015_Conflict

I was lucky to find the iwatobi illustration for the back of the shirt xD

Freen DDS-7

Yey! Thanks for looking :)

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  1. Hello, I was wondering where I could request some costomized smart doll clothes, if you do that. I love this design and I’d love to know if I could get something similar. Or get other costomized clothes and the price range.
    Thanks~ ^^

  2. I would love to get Rin’s outfit from free! for a smart doll Crimson, if you do commission again

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