Doll clothing

Hasegawa Kobato cosplay


Catching up with commissions! It’s my first MDD dress and the character is Hasegawa Kobato-chan from the anime  “Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai” .

Before you read on, I KNOW! I forgot the collar xD but it’s a simple one, so the owner will get it, hahaha, sorry about that :D and I didn’t make the plushie either, but the owner will get it made from someone else I believe :) For now, here you have a few pictures I took from my temporarily MDD mini Inori ( my custom DDH06 Inori from Guilty Crown that lost her DDS body to Ringo-chan, who was my MDD before…long story, haha).




I replaced the usual rabbit with one of my teddies, cute too desu ne? :3kobato-3

I also photoshopped the eyes, not a great work as I’m not very skilled with it, but I think it does the trick xDkobato-4

kobato-5Thanks for looking! :)

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  1. Niaaaaaaa chaaaaan~ ? OMG thank you so much ? ? ? I’ll make a best photoshoot with my Kobato ? ? ?

  2. Oh my it the hearts didn’t appeared on my previous post >..<

  3. Nia-chan, about the missing collar: I think the collar was with an bit different dress in this anime. With this dress she had just worn a ribbon. So you didn’t forgot anything. The ribbon should be easy to make. (^_-)/

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