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Airy says hello!


I would like to give a warm welcome to the new member of the doll family. Airy came as a wedding present from my friend Uriko :333 (kya! kya! hugs hugs :))). When I created my web mascot Murasaki-chan, I always imagined that Airy would be the perfect DD for this char with big eyes and a nice smile xD. In the previous post about Murasaki-chan, you already saw Airy, but that one was just visiting xP, now I have my Murasaki-chan completed! …. and planning new dresses for her too with Chun! Before that, I wanted to take a few pictures of her with a different look. She is wearing new eyes from White Doll Story, I love them! Hope you like the pictures :)











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  1. Nice! DD Airy is such a cute sculpt, she’ll be a great Murasaki-chan. ^^

    • yes! i’m so happy with her :33 Even if she will be Murasaki-chan, I couldn’t help it to take some pictures in casual mode too xD

  2. Congratulations! What a lovely wedding present XD look forward to see more of her ^o^

  3. She is super cute. Great photos and congrads on getting married :D

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