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Japan trip 2014 – Visiting Danny’s office


Hello! it’s been a long time since the last post, I know >_<, but I got very busy with my wedding preparations and honeymoon trip that I even closed the store one month and a half days to be able to do things properly. Where did we went for the honeymoon? Japan! of course, hahahaha :) while I still have to look into all photos and make a post with them, I got this first batch on a separate post from the time we visited new Danny’s office :) First, the group photo :)

danny office-1

We also met other Danny’s readers that visited at that time :)

danny office-16

  I went all around the office taking pictures of all Mirai’s, Kizuna’s and Dollfies :3333

danny office-25

Danny’s dollfie dream dolls, a bit left to one side now that he is into Smart doll production, but no wonder, he made such a cutie that even Yuki had to step aside for a bit xD.danny office-32

Poster of Mirai in bikini by Chun, this is to remind you how nicely swim suits fit Smart Doll because of the nicely done bust seam

danny office-27

Clear Smart Doll, actually not sure how he will name this version…

danny office-17

Another Mirai with cutest maid dress ever by Chun :333

danny office-18

Kizuna, the soon-to-be-released Smart Doll 002. Absolutely gorgeous!!! me wants!!! :3333danny office-15

danny office-24

Cutie from the poster xDdanny office-20

One of the Mirais relaxing on the sofa, I made the jacket actually haha.danny office-21

M-I-R-A-I cheerleader (dress also by Chun) xDdanny office-22

Winter seifuku

danny office-23

Not sure if this is a custom painted Mirai, or the 1st version by Ronronshuka, cute in any case xD

danny office-12

I also met Haku, he works with Danny and I knew him from and his awesome photos of Aura and Sora, he brought Sora so I could meet her too :3

danny office-13

danny office-14

danny office-2

I could finish on time the tora kigurumi before leaving to Japan, I was very busy with the wedding preparations but I managed to make everything xD danny office-4

Gao, Gao  :3danny office-8

I told Danny that if he doesn’t like it, I could take it back, no problem… I wasn’t lucky xD hehehedanny office-28

Gao, Gao :333
danny office-29

Detail of the hood, it requires a lot of manual work actually.

About if I’ll make more…soon more info … ^^”’danny office-33

danny office-34

Telephone box spotted! danny office-35

danny office-31

danny office-30

Human sized Mirai Summer seifukudanny office-11Omake M-I-R-A-I !!!

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  1. que visita mas chuli!!! que envidia<3 lastima que si yo fuera no podría ni hablar por la barrera del idioma XDDD que monería de sitio X3 y el kigurumi mola muchisimooo la carita es una pasada!! me alegra que lo pasaras tan bien^__^

  2. Cómo he podido perderme este post hasta hoy?! Qué envidia! Por cierto…conseguiste información de cómo hacer esas coletas tan chulas a las DD? :3

    • hehe, no, no le pregunté más info :) el pobre se tenía que ir a casa y yo dale que te pego a hablar, así que no pude preguntar todo lo que quería

  3. I hope to visit the office in future Muhaha :P wish me luck and moneys LOL

  4. Such lovely photos. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Which places did you visit in Japan?

    I also visited Danny’s office when I was in Japan last month. His office is so cool. I really enjoyed meeting him and seeing how Smart Dolls were made.

    • Thanks! we visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Uji, Osaka, Hiroshima and Miyashima :) I’ll never get tired of Japan, can’t wait to go again! hahaha

  5. If I order a doll, how long is the wait period? Also can I purchase the orange and white summer outfit too? Cannot find where to buy “Smart Doll” official clothing other than the links to other vendors.

    • Hello! You can order them from, however there is not always stock available. Danny Choo announces when orders are open on twitter or Facebook. you can also buy the school uniform when it’s in stock again. All info about clothing is on smart doll web page. There are not many official shops for smart doll yet, but you can find clothes that fit the size.

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