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Dolls and party Charuca Toxic Set



This post comes in a bit late. I’ve recently attended my first Dolls and Party event in Barcelona, and I was so busy preparing things for it that I didn’t had time to make pictures of the new sets I made >_< . This one here has a twin brother, a Charuca Gothic set in Pink which was sold at the event but I don’t have much pictures of it. However, this one in lime green is available at my store in the “After event”. Go t the Store –> Click

charuca toxic gothic-1

dollpa left-1


dollpa left-2



The shirt design is from Charuca  Toxic collection

dollpa left-3

Cute lime green headband with a wire inside the ribbon to bend it if wanted.

dollpa left-4

Skirt with chains attacked to add a bit of rock style to the set xD

dollpa left-5

Leg warmers matching the shirt

dollpa left-6

dollpa left-7

The set also includes a postcard signed by Charuca and some goodies ^_^


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