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Dolls and Party Barcelona DDdy set



If you follow my facebook you might have read that I’ll be attending Barcelona’s Dolls and Party event next 5th of July. For the event I am preparing a few new sets. this one will be the only one to fit only DDdy bust size. Last weekend my friend AOJ came by and we took out Reira and Inori for an outdoor photoshoot with their new dresses (Inori in the next post xD). Also his girlfriend brought her MSD dolls, and I took the chance to try some MDD shirts I had to see if the fit was ok (in another upcoming post xD). I’d love to share with you the photos he took, I really love them! :) Reira (DD beato) is veeeery photogenic! <3



The set will include:

top, skirt, socks, pantsu, ribbon, collar and pocket watch.



I meant to put the pocket watch as if it were a bag ^^’ it’s easy to shorten more if needed.


Reira shows us the details of the watch, it doesn’t work tho :p but I think you can open it and change the battery, I honestly didn’t try!



It’s beautiful ¬†when closed :)


neck collar with ribbon


head band

_MG_0512romake :)

Thanks for looking! I hope you like it :)

ps: no pictures of socks and pantsu, as actually I didn’t make the final version yet xD

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