Doll clothing

Mirai as Super Sonico


Recently I made Sonico’s shirt as a small commission and before sending it Mirai-chan wanted to cosplay as her. I don’t have any suitable headphones, but those looks just cute on her desu ne?? :333. Here you have some quick pictures, it was late at night so the light is not the best, but still, she is so cute that I think it doesn’t matter, LOL xD

mirai sonico-4

mirai sonico-5

Here with her original wigmirai sonico-3

mirai sonico-2

mirai sonico-1

mirai sonico-6

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  1. Mirai looks amazing as Super Sonico. So cute!!

  2. I’m probably really dumb for asking but what’s the name of the doll with the blondish-pinkish hair?

  3. Hi, Where Did U Get The Pink Hair Wig Plz ^_^

  4. Thanks, Do They Have A Site, If Yes, Can I Have The Site’s Link Plz ^_^

  5. Hi there, where did u get the Tee? thx

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