Doll clothing

Danny Choo in Barcelona


This was probably the best week in my life until now regarding my Doll hobby @_@. I got involved with the Smart Doll project some months ago and became part of the apparel developement team. Danny-san was invited to the World Mobile Congress to talk about Smart Doll project and I took the chance to meet him in order to give him the tees I was making for Smart Doll Mirai Manual ver. On the left, Danny’s  Mirai, on the right the development kit which is staying with me for reference to develop the clothing. It’s the latest version but not final one :). She is just so cute! <3




 Alberto and Marta, they run the blog Mechanical Japan, which keeps the country updated with the latest figures releases, they also collaborate with Good Smile Company Paris. They interviewed Danny-san, you can check the full interview here! –> click !.I feel like they are going to have their first musume soon because they liked Mirai a lot! :33


Mirai kuma and her Onee-chan :)DC-24

Sightseeing Barcelona, it was a bit windy, so I think she was happy to have the fuwa fuwa hoodie xD



Danny-san and his wife together with the girls :)


Behind Mirai the Art Museum inBarcelona (MNAC)


This shot is going to be my next phone wallpaper xD kya! kawaiiiii


At the Olympic areaDC-17

Abunai! there was a big fall behind Mirai here @_@ Mirai’s stand is good, I tell you xD





Some nice girls that wanted to get a picture with Mirai-chan :)




Olympic stadium at the back



Lol same angle, looks as if I have just changed the background…not intended xD


Montjuïc communications tower at the back



Some more pictures taken with the phone next:)

DC meeting

Ok, me looks terrible here, but it’s the only photo I have while I was dressed as Mirai with Mirai-chans and Danny xD

photo 4

Mirai at the top of the Arenas Shopping center

photo 3

Danny couldn’t go back to Japan without trying a good Sandwich with spanish jamón! xD

photo 5

Oh!!! this …this is THE suitcase!!!

photo 2

Mirai-chans cuddling

photo 1

That is all! Thanks for looking! :3

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  1. The wait is killing me LOL can’t wait to cuddle my own Mirai smart doll XD

  2. Me encantan las fotos >o< , a ver si tengo suerte y me pudeo hacer con Mirai chan version smart doll !!!

  3. Nice photos! ^^

    You didn’t bring Nia along?

  4. Dios es adorable >___________________.<)

  5. F*** puse demasiadas caritas y mi comentario se ha quedado a la mitad xDD

    Te decía que es monísima y que las camisetas son geniales, y que me preguntaba si no habia problemas de stains con ella, dado que en las fotos siempre se la ve sin ninguna protección, pero tbm puede ser que simplemente no la lleve para las fotos no sé xD

    • xD muchas gracias! Pues la camiseta que lleva su Mirai la lleva puesta desde hace meses y no he oído nada de stains, la mí alleva otro tipo de tela, así que espero que se porte igual de bien, de todas formas la prueba de fuego la llevo a cabo ahora ^_^. Nunca lleva protección xD.

  6. Good to hear you had such a great time. If you’re participating for Mirai’s clothing development then it will no doubt be of excellent quality.

    Am actually looking forward to the normal version of Smartdoll since the skeleton and stand look very interesting so am curious how it will be compared to Volks Dollfie Dream.

  7. Congrats on being in the apparel developement team :D I hope Mirai-chan would be available internationally too as I would really love to have her

  8. Congrads on being part of the apparel development team. It must be so cool to get your own Mirai to work with. She looks so cute with the bear hoodie <3

    So how does she compare to Dollfie Dreams?

    • Thanks Eiko-san :) Replied on the DD forums aswell, I’ll just copy it here, hehe :p
      About the comparison with DD, as with all development kits, I have a non disclosure agreement and can’t share anything at this moment, sorry >_<

  9. Well that was just awesome!!!

    Congrats on this opportunity… I can honestly say your shirts are the best DD shirts I’ve ever owned!!! XD

  10. Congrats, excellent stuff Kuraikawai you deserve lots of kudos! Your shirts are awesome.
    Take it easy
    Mirai is slowly taking over the world haha

  11. plonck! y yo aun no me habia pasado por aqui! no me cansare de felicitarte por esta gran colaboracion y por ser la principal culpable de que me enamore mas y mas de Mirai cada vez que la veo en persona. espero con ansias saber mas del proyecto y de saber si me podre hacer con una manual ver. X3 ??????

  12. Hi. Is it possible to buy this awesome hoodie from the pictures above?

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