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Meeting Charuca!

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It’s been a while since the last post >_< Finally I had a proper holidays this summer and got really behind with doll work ^^” now catching up a bit with all that.

If you remember from older posts, I started a collaboration with Charuca, a spanish illustrator, to make dollfie-sized T-shirts with her design which are super kawaii!!

About one month ago I had the chance to finally meet her in person! I enrolled for a cake design course she was organizing in Barcelona. Of course I took the chance to bring Maya-chan with one of the shirts! I had a lot of fun, Charuca is very nice! and I also met other nice girls that love cake design hobby xD



Mireia from Pastel Casero, me (with my cake :3) and Charuca holding Maya ^^


Goodies that we received for enrolling to the course :33 cuuute!!!

On the upper part of the picture, the reference image of the cake we were about to make. It was a cake design course, so we didn’t bake any cakes for this, we just got a plastic foam base (pic below) to mimic the shape of the cake.

To start with: the materials needed, the fondant paste and the color palete to get the correct colors

It was the first time I ever worked with  fondant and I was gladly surprised that it was easier to mix than it looked on other videos ^^charuca-9

This actually took a while ^^” but finally I had all mixed fondant ready to start charuca-7This is Charuca’s cake, we used it to check the proportions

charuca-10First base


Second base


Charuca showing us how to start with smaller decorations, we used all kind of cutters, with imagination you can get many different shapes just with a round and square cutter ^^charuca-13


 Now it was our turn, all pieces ready on the table!

charuca-15My tree done!


Now to start with the Kokeshi doll, we prepared the head using a plastic foam ball because this way it is lighter ( a real cake head would be too heavy!), basically you have to prepare a bit of bondant and roll it during a couple of minutes together with the foam ball, then you get this result :



Charuca explaining how to proceed with the Kokeshi doll head detailscharuca-18Maya-chan was quietly observing from the back and even had time to grab a small cake for herself ^^


Aaaaand tadaaaa! ths is the final result!!! Don’t you think it’s too cute to eat? xDcharuca-1

And the final group photo, all girls successfully finished their kokeshi doll cakes! Thanks all for this great Saturday! ^___^

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  1. Wow, that looks like an amazing experience ^___^

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