Doll clothing

Over shoulder shirts


New design of t-shirts, this time with over shoulder shirts, great for summer too ^^. I chose black for the first ones, as Charuca’s skull logo is kind of gothic style, so it goes perfectly with black and some metallic beads. Also got inspired by a shirt that Charuca was wearing at her last event! xD check her facebook page here

If you like those, I might make them with other colors too :) You can find them here –> Store


OS-3This is how it looks on an M bust (left) and on a DDdy (right), so L bust must be good too xD



OS-5Detail of the design and beads

OS-6I like how Inori looks with this style xD

OS-7Look on the back

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  1. Llevo entrando semanas y no me había dado cuenta de que había posts nuevos por el post que tienes destacado de charuca!! >_< Que fallo. Estas camisetas me han encantado, menos mal que ya me he asegurado la mía. Ahora esperaré impaciente a tenerla y poder estrenarla, que será para Asuna, así que hasta Junio…na de na

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