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Bunny Kimono Set



Feels so good to have more time for hobbies! Now that I could start with sewing again, I would like to show you this first set I made. It’s a lolita type kimono set with cute bunnies :) Maya was the chosen one to model it :3 she is so cuuute ….squeeeek!

It’s tea time!

Maya: hai goshujin-saaamaaa!


Here you have my Master^^

Want some sweets too?

I got those cute Hello Kitty sweets are from Strapya web store, they are typical japanese sweets (although I don’t know them all >_<)

Without bunny ears or apron :)

Back view. I always wanted to make an apron like this with a “X” on the back :D

Detail of the obi. I recently find a store in my neighbourhood that sells high quality laces and trims all imported from Japan :o. I used a cardboard to make the obi look more firm.

But there is more….

I wanted to add some more pieces to the set, so Maya…. you are in underwear!


And an underwear shirt.

Woops ^^



It’s the first photoshoot I make after I got my Sabers trying the flexibility of the DDIII body, as I said, I was too busy! >_<, so rather than a simple selling post, I wanted to make some extra pictures too :D


Nom, nom….

An this is the whole set :)


I hope you like it! I will list it on my store sometime next week! Follow me to get the updates on twitter @kuraikawai or on Facebook either on page or become friends with Nia-chan :) …or both! xD


Thanks for looking!!



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  1. Kyaaaa! Qué cosa más bonita! Maya está genial, para comérsela! Las fotos te han quedado impresionantes, aunque, lo tenías fácil con semejante modelo y semejante outfit! Como siempre, una pasada. Ya te lo dije, pero me encanta cómo han quedado las orejitas y la falda con las telas diferentes.
    Me he enamorado! <3

  2. Nice! That mini skirt kimono & usamimi set is lovely. The pink color scheme also makes it look very girlish. ^^

    • Thanks! I wanted to make a pinkish kimono like that for a long time :) although it was a hard pink tone to combine with, but managed in the end!

  3. So cute!! A must have one for me!! I really love the obi. When will it be available for order ^^?

    • Thanks! I plan to make more but in different colors, follow me either on twitter or Facebook and stay tunned to the updates!

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