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Catalonia country side


Last weekend we went to a country house with the family and Fate-chan came along ^^. He spent 4 great days surrounded by calm and nature…I was looking forward to those days as I really needed some relax time!

Not all days were sunny, but I was happy at least we caught one or two days of good weather.

We had a very dry winter, but this last month rained a lot, you can see that in the colors of the fields, all was green and in bloom! :)

Time to relax in the jacuzzi xD….Fate also wanted in….

But I forgot her swimsuit! xD


Fate got to wear some new clothes I made for her for this occasion, I like the short jeans the most ^_^

She picked up some flowers for us, kawaii ^^

Fate is pointing to a Catalonian flag called “Senyera” with a red star. This part of the country has a strong nationalist feeling, and you can see many of those in the small villages.

A nice view of the country side from a high old tower.

I was kissing the floor here lol


Fate: “Hmmm…Which way to go?…”

The background really looked like the old Windows desktop picture xD

Despite of the clouds, it was very sunny, better to protect a bit this cute face xD.

Back in the house again, we had a long walk today!

Rainy afternoon >_< it became really cold and windy! >_<

Some indoor shots :)


We had a great time, we will go back again for sure!


Thanks for looking :)



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  1. Awwwww! She’s so cute and sweet. Looks lovely there in the countryside, too. :D

  2. Yay!!
    Me encanta como sale en todas las fotos! Pero mucho más en esa que sale con la verja detrás y esa de la lluvia…es muy bonita!! ^^
    I LOVE IT!

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