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Neris bow


Edit: Here you have a picture kindly shared by the new owner of the bow, his musume Yuki is cosplaying as Neris! more pictures on his flickr!

This is the 3rd kind of 1/3 bows I make together with my father. Actually it’s all his work, I just added some details hahaha. He did a great job once more! I know the bows’ owner will be very happy with it :)

Here you have the reference picture.


Detail of the arrows. Those are real archery feathers ^^

More details xD

The grip

And the detail that hangs from the end of the bow.

This is how it looks with Fate-chan holding it…I don’t have DD Neris to show the complete outfit ^^”

“No Fate, you can’t keep the bow… :) ”


thanks for reading!!

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  1. Wow! That’s awesome! Wish I had a parent who was into D.I.Y like this (My dads more into painting etc.)

  2. So many lovely details, excellent work by both you & your father!

  3. Very nicely done! Planning to do Neris soon?

    • Thanks! No it was a commission, I’m not sure if the owner has a Neris or not, but that would be nice to see the full set together with the bow ^^

  4. Como ya te dije, el arco es una pasada. Me gusta un montón el detalle de las plumas rosas en las flechas y bueno, en general todo!
    Un 10+ para tu padre! ^___^

  5. Wonderful work!!!! Neris is a lucky girl XD

    • Thanks! Neris should have been released with a bow like this I think^^… but I was happy to have the opportunity to make it :)

  6. love it, love it! <3

  7. Wow! That’s really GREAT! You’re so lucky to have a dad that can make such wonderful stuff for your girls. :D

  8. This is beautiful. I would love to have one similar. Are they available for custom purchase?

    • thanks! i’m glad you like it. You can mail me (see contact page here on the blog) and tell me what did you had in mind, it all depends on what design you want and if it’s possible to make it.

  9. Awwww this looks wonderful, i wish you can make me one too, i just adopted a neris too >.<

    • Thanks! If you are interested you can make a formal request by sending me a mail, but the one that makes the bows and arrows is my father (I just finish them with the details), and I have to ask him if he has time to make one :)

  10. Are the dolls for sale? :)

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