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I wanted to start the year with this post, but due to work, I had to postpone it for a few weeks. My daughters would like to wish you all (late) ^^:

Akemashite Omedetou gozaimasu!

It is a custom in Japan to eat a prepared bento on the 1st of January, it’s called Osechi (Wikipedia, I provided some links that explains it very good ^_^.

A while ago, I found these cute miniatures of sushi-related food by HelloKitty. I think the scale is pretty accurate to what would look a sushi and a small sushi plate for us in our hands. The girls wanted to share this oishii meal with you all!

I have to say that it’s very detailed, I would have preferred to get normal sushi without the HelloKitty motives, but I’m happy I could find those xD.

So here we have lovely Nia-chan and Saku-chin eating different kinds of sushi “sushi moriawase” and what looks like a gyoza? hmm, no idea to be honest hehehehe.

Temaki, maguro nigiri, ikura nigiri and ebi nigiri.

More zoom in xD

This set comes in a small boxes, a total of 6, they can be shipped random if you order them one by one, but if you place an order for all 6, you’ll get one of each. Each box has an explaining pamflet of what is each dish…then comes in my little knowledge in japanese kanji u_u, for this one says “okurumi sushi” which means something like wrapped sushi?

Mai-tan is eating a “miruku purin” Milk pudding ^_^ watch out Mai-tan! you’ll put on weight :p

Ringo wanted to show you the detail of a small soy sauce bottle :)

“Hello Kitty Sushi” can’t read it all, actually there is a Kanji there I can’t even see properly! lol

Ringo-chan, what are you going to pick?^^

you can’t see it properly here but this sushi (some kind of roe sushi) has the shape of Kitty’s bow,hehehe.

Also, couldn’t wait to make some kimonos for the girls :) Recently I found some nice fabrics in a kimono shop in my town, and also got some by internet. Every fabric has been picked up specially for each girl, Mai got brown, Nia green and Saku purple :).

My father made the geta xD

I don’t know if I made the obis well, but I think they work?

Pink and green for Nia. I love how the fabric matches her hair xD

Kawaii Nia-chaaaaaan <3

Sakura in purple tones :) She got different shoes, those look more like the ones worn with a winter kimono, or at least is what I saw on google when I did the search, hehehe^^

One last picture with all together^^I didn’t make the kimono worn by Ringo. She might get a new one next year xD

Thanks for looking!





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  1. Kyaaa!! Que cosas más bonitas!! Menudos Kimonos mas chulos! ^^ Como siempre, estás hecha una artista! Y los getta son geniales!!

    • Gracias ^__^, estoy muy contenta con las telas, las de Nia y Saku las compré un poco a ciegas pero han salido muy bien :), y los geta, pues nada, que volví a liar a mi padre para que me hiciera unos para cada una, hehehe

  2. Amazing kimonos :) (but no introduction for Ringo-chan’s kimono?)
    I would love to get kimono and getas for my girls too :3 Your girls look absolutely lovely

    Btw, does your girls have gap between toes or how do the getas stay on?

    • Thanks! I didn’t make Ringo’s kimono because I didn’t had the pattern ready for her size. A friend sent this one, so I don’t know where did he get it from :p. oh, and yes, I separated the toe from the rest of the fingers in all girls. I took the idea from Chun, she did the same when she made a pair of geta for her musumes. You can barely notice it when nothing is between the fingers :) otherwise it is impossible to make the geta stay in palce :o

  3. Els kimonos són preciosos!! :)

    • Gràcies Mon-chan! has vist el que porta la Mai? és aquella tela que vam comprar juntes xD, trobo que li queda molt bé! hem de tornar, hehe

  4. Wow, those kimono look gorgeous! Even more so because the color and pattern fit each girl perfectly!

    • Thanks! have to think which colors would fit the Sabers…got some in mind…..hehehe, but first to get them at home!!!! grrr can’t waaaait!

  5. The kimonos look excellent! They match each of the girls beautifully <3 How long did it take to finish just one kimono? And Saku-chin is actually eating Inarizushi which is a fried tofu skin that's been cooked in a sweet-soy sauce based sauce, drained then stuffed with sushi rice. It's pretty tasty :D And I looked up "sushi moriawase" which turns out to mean that it is the Chef's choice of whatever is fresh that day :D

    • Thanks! To finish one kimono took me one afternoon (obi included), the pattern is really simple, I was even thinking of making a tutorial, but I have so little time lately that I dunno when I will be able to >_<, you can easily find it on internet tho :)
      I didn't know the name of this type of sushi, but I have tried it before lol, I'm sure Saku thinks it was very tasty! I knew about sushi moriawase, I forgot to translate it , hehe, in the restaurants I prefer to get a all salmon one tho :p

      • Oh that isn’t too bad if you aren’t distracted by anything else :D Hehe there just aren’t enough hours in a day right? I know I feel that way all the time~

        I realized after I entered my comment that maybe you meant you already knew what sushi moriawase was, but it’s okay because I hadn’t heard the term in Japanese before so I learned something new! And oh goodness you and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to sushi, salmon is my absolute favorite! <3

        • Hehehe, we have sushi moriawase in the menus, that is why it was familiar, now you know! xD Salmon is the best…well actually Toro is, but that one is very expensive :3, if you can, try Toro sushi!

  6. So wonderful! I love Nia’s kimono, but all work well with the getas too!

    • Thanks Chun! I bought it through internet ( ;) ) I was only worried about the thickness and size of the flowers, but I think it turnet out just fine :) I will get more in the future!
      I separated the toe like you did to put onthe getas :3 such a nice idea you got there!

  7. Awwwwww! So C – U – T – E ! ! ! Love the family photos of all the girls together.

    If you’re looking for DD sized food, go here:

    Not all of these are DD sized. You’ll have to find out which ones are.

  8. Ahhhhh Nia chan is soooooo pretty!!

  9. All the girls are so cute ^,^

  10. Monísimas! Los kimonos te han quedado genial! *W*

    Dónde compraste esas telas tan bonitas? O_O

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