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I took some pictures Sakura wearing the typical hakama set used for Kyuudo before I send it to the owner xD. She looks lovely isn’t she?? :))

You can see Chun-san’s Aki-chan wearing a hakama in her blog and afterwards worn by Danny Choo’s Saber. Awesome work! :)

This dress requires a lot of pinning, and ironing ^^, but I’m happy with the result, I needed 2 tries on the bottom part, and one for the top, I was lucky :p

Back view

Detail of the belt.

I also tried to make the tabi, it’s difficult to make them with the separation on the toe.

To complete the set, I wanted to add a Kyuudo bow and arrows, my father helped me on that, when I asked him, he went right away to his “dungeon” and came back with a 1/3 scale kyuudo bow for DD! (awesome man xD).

I wanted to make her look like she is shooting the arrow, but was too complicated ^^”’. The rope is elastic and removable, you “could” theoretically throw the arrow, hehe, but I wouldn’t stretch too much the bow just in case^^

Close up, she look so lovely!!

It’s part of Kyuudo’s discipline to throw 2 arrows, the archer holds one in the left hand while shoots the other arrow.

Real Kyuudo bows are like 2m tall @_@. I used to practice olympic style archery, both can’t be compared,  totally different feelings, I wish I could try Kyuudo one day :)

Saku is ready steady for her next shoot xD

Details of the arrows. They are made of real feathers.

Detail of the end of the arrow, looks dangerous! xD

Now I have to make one for myself…hehe, I love it!

Thanks for looking! ^__^


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  1. Wow! Amazing, the hakama looks great on Sakura but that scaled kyuudo bow & arrow set really make sit perfect. Quite expert craftsmanship on the cloth and the props, impressive! ^^

    • Thanks! I can’t thank enough times my father for his help hehe, but I know he enjoys making stuff with wood, as I enjoy sewing :)

  2. Preciosa Saku-chin!! ^^

    Como siempre, me dejáis impresionada. Un trabajo genial. Enhorabuena a los dos! Tu padre y tu sois unas máquinas!!

    • Gracias! xD Le queda genial a Saku! qué pena que no me lo puedo quedar >_<, ahora que he hecho uno, tengo que hacer otro como el de Mashiro xD

  3. That is gorgeous!!! You are so talented!!

  4. Really really nice work from both!! your daddy and you are a great team!
    Saku-chin looks lovely! ^_^

  5. Awwww! She’s so cute and sweet. Great outfit and toys! :D

  6. Beautiful work! You and your father rock!

    • Thanks a lot! I loved how you made yours, I didn’t find time to make it until now :) hehe, have to make one in red as a Miko xD

    • you can make a formal request, hehe, but I already have something from you in queue right?^^ have to write my PhD now, so I have to slow down sewing a bit, and the last cosplay commission took me very long :S
      I plan to put that set in the store as a “preorder” so I can make them on demand ( specially because of the bow, I have to ask my father to make them, and he needs time)

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