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DD T-Shirt Giveaway on Facebook!



Some months ago I made a Facebook account for Nia-chan. Since she is so happy to be friends with so many people, I wanted to celebrate it with a small giveaway. The giveaway prize are two DD T-shirts with “Tomodachi ni narou!” printed on it (Let’s become friends!).

All you have to do will take less than a minute of your time:

1- Become friends with Nia-chan on Facebook –> click

2- Like page on Facebook–> click

3- Leave a comment on Nia’s wall, under the giveaway topic so I know who wants to participate.

The winners will be decided by lottery among all people that commented on Nia’s wall and will be announced this Saturday . Only the people that posted will be entering the lottery.

The reason why I decided to make this giveaway (real one xD) is to promote a bit more my blog and spread the word around :) I will be happy if you could help me with that sharing the link to your friends :) The prize is not much, but I hope you like it :)

The shirt fits DD S/M/L  and DDdy bust (although it’s a bit more tight on that last one ^^’)

I added a poll here, for future dresses, I would like to know which bust DD owners prefer :)

Which bust (or body) size do you prefer for your dolls?

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Thanks a lot for participating!!!! <3

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