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Japan Part 2


This is the second part of our visit to japan.

Roppongi, Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku and Asakusa!

Many pictures were taken by my husband, check out his flickr account too!

l have been told that the best way to see the Tokyo Tower was to go to the 52th floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower instead of going to the Tokyo Tower itself, so we headed for Roppongi station. Mori Tower is right there. I think the ticket was 1500yen to the 52th floor, and then you can go to the 54th to the Sky Deck for a bit more.

You can see here a big graveyard (I don’t know the name) and the other park in the back is the Yoyogi.

We wanted to take pictures of Tokyo Tower at night, but It started to rain, so we went down.

I LOVE this picture, it is just near by the Mori Tower. There was a gazeebo-like structure and a this huge rose, and since it was cloudy and raining, the sky had a quite suiting color. Really lovely view!

Lovely Xmas lights too!

Out visit to Shibuya-Harajuku-Shinjuku was great too! We vent into the Shibuya 109 building, extreme fashion there! Hachiko greeted us too :D,  kawaii! and went to visit the Meiji Jingu Shrine at the Yoyogi park.

But before that, some Nia-chan pictures in front of my cousin’s appartment :3

I didn’t mention it before, Nia is wearing a “Gothic lolita” kimono I made for her just before leaving, I wanted her to have a new and japanese looking-like outfit for the occasion^^

Hachiko! It was funny how people looked at us when I put the doll for the pictures, they usually said “kawaii” otherwise, no one looked at me when I was walking with the doll in my hand with the now famous pose (see Danny Choo’s post hahaha)

This was taken in a mall where they have many Lolita Fashion clothes (I forgot the name) it wasn’t Shibuya 109…..anyway, those dresses are inspired on some Shiki illustrations, the anime is quite interesting btw :D

Harajuku xD

Lolita girls! I was looking forward to see some nice lolita girls. When I saw those two, I aproached them and asked if it was ok to take a picture, they said “Hai!”. When I lent them Nia they were quite surprised, hehe, they said “Ooh!! kawaiiiiiiii” …sasuga Nia-chan xD

It was a Sunday, but the weather wasn’t so good, so there weren’t many cosplayers there, but I could take a snap of this amazing couple, awesome dresses and make up!

I couldn’t help to take a snap shot of this girls tennis team, they were a bit surprised I asked them for a picture since they probably thought they were just normal girls going to training or something, but I think they really got into it with this nice poses!

We went to visit the Meiji Jingu Shrine in the Yoyogi park. It was very crowded!

Many families with 3, 5 or 7 year-old kids were celebrating the Shichi-go-san traditional rite, we saw many cute kids all dressed up in traditional clothes. Normally their mothers were wearing a traditional kimono and the father was dressed with a suit.

Nia and this cute little girl dragged quite a lot of attention :)

Danny told me that in Harajuku there was a Tenshi no Sumika and DD showroom. They had this small corner with two sofas ready to take pictures, I was given 25 min to do what I wanted^^ They even had DD Mari and DD Amaha Miu for sale! the rest of course, sold out ^^’.

This is Tokyo’s City Hall…. comparing to other city halls I saw…this one is soooo huge! then again, Tokyo has a big population ^^

Last but not least of this part 2, Asakusa :)

The five storied pagoda looked beautiful at night!

There were a lot of small shops mainly with omiyages.

This all for this second part, the third and last will include Odaiba, Kyoto and Nara.

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  1. Ahhh I din’t know about the 2 sofa corners to take photos! Darn! Must do it next time I go :P lol! I wish I’m brave enough to ask for photos, but next time I go I think I will definitely carry whoever I’m bringing with me in my arm on the streets for a bit XD

    • I didn’t know it was prepared for photos at first :p i saw those two empty sofas and then I asked if i could take 1 quick picture there, and then they said I had 25 mins.
      If i wasn’t brave to ask for pictures then the guys wouldn’t had had the chance to get nice pictures with cute girls in kimonos xD hehehe

  2. Ah that Harajuku store, yes, been there and acquired that one dress from the store XD

    • *that dress* you mean? :p they had a lot of dollpa dresses, but I didn’t buy any, just a pair of white boots, eyes, wigs and hands… I behaved^^

  3. Fantastic! *o* I love the country. Thank you for post.

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