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As I promised, this week’s post is about how to make a body stocking for your DD.

You will see that it’s very easy and fast if you have a sewing machine.

When I got Nia and saw her totally white skin, I thought that getting a body stocking as soon as possible was mandatory, so I thought of an idea to make one myself. The thing that first came to my mind was to use a pair of nylon stockings!! Yes, easy as that xD

Note:  I don’t recommend hand sewing it, with stretchy fabric your stitches might get loose.

So I went to a stocking/pantyhose shop and looked for a suitable color for Nia’s skin. Was lucky to find this ivory pantyhose with 80 DEN of density (DEN refers to the density of women nylon stockings, the higher numbers are always more dense and strong. For example, Mashiro’s default tights are very low DEN, probably 20).

I’m going to use the same material as I used for Nia’s first body stocking, as I still didn’t had time to buy one for Sakura.


Take the appropriate measures as shown in the picture. (30 cm and 45cm)

Turn the stocking to the “wrong” side. You can use a default Volks stocking as a guide (if not, don’t worry, the material is very stretchy and even if you make it without the feet shape it will fit)

Draw with a pencil the line through which you will make the seam. Instead of 30 cm, set the meter at 28 since the fabric will stretch when put on the doll.

Without cutting the fabric, sew along the line. I hope that seeing a video helps.

As I mentioned in the underwear post, for stretchy materials, always pull the extra thread at the beginning to prevent the fabric get “eaten” by the machine. At the start, always make a few stitches forward and backwards and then again continue forward, the same to finish.

Notice that I’m holding a bit the fabric so it doesn’t “run” that fast under the machine, this way you will allow the seam to be more elastic when put on the doll (remember that the fabric is stretchy, but not the thread). When you finish you will notice that the seam has gathered a bit, at this point try to stretch it a bit, and you’ll see that thanks to the previous step the fabric stretches along with the thread.

At the 45 cm line, fold the fabric to make a border and proceed to sew as before. (remember that you are working on the “wrong” side of the fabric).

Before cutting the fabric, I recommend to try the body stocking as it is on your doll, in case some parts turned out too tight, you can always undo the seam and do it again. Also, you can see how many fabric you will need to cut at the back to make it fit tightly.

This is how it should look after cutting along the seam and leaving a few mm of space.

In order to make the back seam (if you skip this step, the body stocking will be loose around her waist) chose which part will go to the back, set the middle point and fold it in half all the way until you reach the finished seam from before.

You can randomly set the amount of fabric to fold here, the only limitation is the top border seam, if you didn’t stretch the fabric enough while sewing it, and the thread will prevent you to put it over her chest. I cut about 2-3 cm at the top and drew a line following the curves of her back (more or less).

And it’s done^^ Sakura-chan looks happy with the result, although she looks weird with this “skin” color xD

If you like, you can add extra details on the top border, such as ribbons, or some stretchy lacy fabric.

I hope everything was explained clearly, any further questions, please ask me!

Thanks for reading/watching!

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  1. I was expecting something so much more complicated. I can’t believe how easy you make it look and how well it came out. I’m going to want to try this as well, my only problem is being a grown man and trying to buy stockings. :D

    Thanks for another great tutorial.

    • xD you can send someone in your place to buy the stockings, or just get into one of those 1$ store, there should be cheap stockings there too, hehehe

  2. Looks pretty straight forward.. and useing the Nylons! Brilliant idea, KitKat!

  3. You are a good teacher.
    Very good tutorial ^^

  4. Great job! Great idea on using human pantyhose! I should keep my eyes open for these next time I’m out XD

    • hehe, I used nylon stockings for my first try on DD high tights, so I thought that could work for a body stocking too, and with that high density they won’t break at all!, for lower DEN I can’t tell xD

  5. You don’t know how helpful this is! Plus it saves me some money since I won’t have to buy a body stockiking from Volks website! I’m planning on getting my first Dollfie dream soon! THank you for the tutorial, much apriciated!

  6. Wow! Thank you for this. And here I was going to spend a lot of $$ just to buy one of these.

  7. Hi, I think this is great. Im looking at getting a Dollfie dream Nia so when I do I will try this, but I don’t have a volks body stocking to use as a template so how would I make it the right shape? X

    • Hi! You don’t need the Volks body stocking, just take the measures I indicated and since it’s a stretchy material it will fit the body perfectly, no need to be worried about the shape. To adjust the seam on the back, you have to try it on the doll and pin or mark where do you want to sew. If you use a human sized stocking, use as a guide the pictures I posted, the measures fit ok with the doll. Good luck!

  8. Hello, a friend gave me this link :3 it would save a lot of money instead of buying from volks or cool-cat for body stockings. Though I’m wondering does this guarantee from stain prevention? Is it almost the same cloth that volks and cool-cat use? :3

    • Hi! I don’t have any bodystocking from Volks or coolcat so I don’t know the materials used. The one i’m showing here is a normal human sized tight of 80DEN density. I have used this on my Nia ( white skin) for almost 3 years now and never had problems. The DEN number is important, since the thicker the better. Can’t find this 80 DEN tights for normal skin bodies, for example, all are too dark or too light, so I had to buy thinner tights, which I don’t know if they will work as well. 80 den is also very resistant, so it will rarely break. Hope it helped :)

  9. jo que pasada!!! hoy me dio por buscar a ver si encontraba alguna tienda donde comprar esto y encuentro tu pedazo de tutorial! recuerdo que me comentaste en el salon del manga que lo habias hecho pero no lo habia visto.
    yo xq soy negada para estas cosas pero le preguntare a mi madre a ver si me puede ayudar.

    muchas gracias por el tutorial! aunque esta en ingles ya me buscare un traductor que tmb soy negada para el ingles XD

  10. Did you make the dress the other girl is wearing as well? If so, do you have a tutorial for that too? :D

    • Hi^^, I did that dress too, but it was long time ago, and I did it without a pattern, you should be able to find a similar pattern on the internet :)

  11. Thanks for this!!! As a dancer, I have lots of tights I can use for my girl ;-). I’m making her look like nao from mabinogi, so she will have a black dress and I want to prevent staining.

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