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This time the post is dedicated to Lucky Star Figmas!

The story started when one weekend went to visit my parents and my mom told me that it would be about time to clean a bit the Dollhouse. Then I thought, “oh wait, I think it has a good size for figmas!” and well I brought them with me to my parent’s and let them play inside xD

I got it when I was like….12 years old, it came from the USA as a birthday present :D. Collecting furniture and accessories for Dollhouses is almost as expensive as Dollfie stuff hehe, let’s say that the price of the house is like a Dollfie, and the furniture would equal the price of the clothes and accessories. But if you really invest time and money they can look amazing! In my case I had the furniture on a shelf and played as if it was an apartment many years before I got the house :p

And finally, here you have Kagami, Tsukasa, Konata and Miyuki happily playing in da house :)


You can color the furniture as you want or varnish it, and even install a cable system to turn on the lights inside! you can see a table lamp with a small plug in the back but don’t have the installation ^^

The tea set is made of ceramic….the tray that Miyuki was holding broke a bit after this :(((((

After the tea in the morning, Figmatachis helped me cleaning the house xD, Kagami is very skilled with the broom!

Tsukasa’s job was to remove the dust…..careful with the vases!

Miyuki was in charge of the ironing :)

And Konata cooking in the kitchen??? good thing she didn’t burn anything xD

You can even use the oven, there is a small candle inside of one of those drawers and if you light it, the top will warm up.

Konata even prepared the table for lunch :) Forks, knives and spoons are metallic, but glasses are of plastic :)

À table! ^^

Konata: “Konata no speshiaru suupu deeeesuu!

Minna: ” Waaa…. oishii soo mitai!”

At the second floor now :)

The bathroom set its made of ceramic too, I love the details here!

Tsukasa: “Kyaaa….don’t take a picture now” :p

Love the toilet paper detail xD, there is a toilet brush on the other side too.

Kagami is scolding Konata probably^^

This one is funny, I took this brush from Barbie I think lol

Miyuki washing her face^^

Nappy time!

Tsukasa: “Miyuki-chan, tell me  a story!…”

The detail of the accessories is amazing, small candle light, perfume pots, a small mirror….

The closet is one of my favorites, it is full of small pieces of clothes I used for the previous tenants :D

Tea and cake time after the nap :) this time on the roof! the table and chairs are metallic, perfect for outdoors!

Oops, who do we have here sneaking from the back? xD

A view from the entrance to the house.




And finally, coming to the end of this post, the external view of the victorian style Dollhouse!

My dad mounted it piece by piece, painting each tile one by one to give it different shades of color. In the original box, the house was painted in light blue, but I preferred it in yellow.

And so you can get an idea of the size, here you have a shot with Nia-chan :) it’s quite big, isn’t it :o

Sadly the furniture I have is not all from the same collection, that is something I left on hold because well, I didn’t play that much when I grew up … and it was expensive too… another thing pending are the curtains, I might make some soon :D

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Oh I just adore these pictures. Seriously dying of cute right now, the scale is as good as perfect. Tsukasa sitting on the steps just about killed me XD

    • hehe, when I realized they could fit in perfectly I thought, “too bad I didn’t had figmas when I was little, lol” I had to use some Sylvanian Family teddy bears xD

  2. Very nice! Mom use to have a huge dollhouse that she spent a lot of time making. Got rid of it a few years ago because it took up a lot of room. I still have a little general store that she made for me. I may have to take pics of it one day =3

    • I think I will never ger rid of it, but well, since its too big, I can’t take it to my flat, so I left it at my parent’s hehehe.
      And would love to see your general store :D

  3. this is just awesome!!!! :D thanks for sharing! I am quite envious, I’d love to have a doll house XD

  4. Oh man, this is the cutest thing ever. 8D I’m totally envious of your Nia-chan, too~ Great photos!

  5. My parents have the exact same dollhouse… it was one of my dad’s hobbies many years ago and we all put a lot of work into it. The accessories were all really expensive and I remember it being a family project. We slightly modded the design of ours though. The front door was moved towards the center and the staircase was moved go up the middle.

    …maybe next time I visit my parents, I should bring some figma with me… I wonder how they’d react to that? I think they originally intended for my sister to play with it… XD

    • Nice!! You should bring your figma, my parents actually liked the photos,hehehe.
      I know the accessories are expensive, that is why mine is still uncompleted, and I didn’t show the 3rd floor in the photos because there I have plastic/ugly furniture, hehehe^^…I’ll be looking forward to your “Figma in the house” version :)

  6. The dollhouse is really beautiful with all the furniture and it’s really suitable for figmas! I really enjoyed looking at the photos of the Lucky Star girls. ^^ Thanks for sharing.

    • I’m glad you liked it! It took me some time to realize the house could be suitable for figmas hehe, I have to admit I had it a bit forgotten at my parent’s :)

  7. One question. What is the size for all your figma furniture? Thank you very much

  8. that beautiful.
    I really liked your work.
    you and very creative.
    you could say where he bought the house?
    because I am a lover of figmas and wanted to have my own house for them so you could say where you bought??
    also wanted to know if the accessories come with the house or not? answer me please *-*

  9. wow! Is a huge house! *w*

    I’ts a sylvanian family house?

    Sorry for the question -__-

    • Hi! No no, thanks for the comment ^^
      its not a Sylvanian house, but i did use some of the furniture of this brand, hehe

  10. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! XD you are so lucky. i wish i had a doll house for my figmas and your so lucky to have a Konata figma! I can never find her for cheep only Miyuki. I also love your huge doll;D. Its so awesome. do you know if theres a website that sells doll houses already made.

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment xD. Infound Konatan and Kagami on ebay, the rest I could buy from the store. Normally dollhouses come unassembled and you have to mount it and maybe even paint it.

  11. wow I love your house! since I saw it it has inspired me to start building one xD I’ve looked everywhere on ebay for one that looks like it x,x I know it will be lots of hard work and money but it’s worth it n,n figmas deserve the best x3
    Would you happen to know the name of the company that made it? I’ve found one that I might buy it’s from Real Good Toys Allison Jr, looks like the right side of yours so I fell in love when I saw it xD but I truly wish I could find the same design of your house :(

    this is the one I might get if I can’t find the design of yours

    • I’m glad you like it :) i got this house like 18 years ago! I do have the name of the brand, but I have to check with my mom, as they house is still at my parent’s. Real Good sounds familiar though .) let me get back at you when I ask!

      • Oh My Gosh xD thank you so much for your quick reply I’ll be waiting patiently for the name *crosses fingers* hope you find it and thank you again so much in advance

        • Confirmed! on my house it says Real Good Toys. Barre, Vermont, 05641, oh! and here at this link, you’ll see my house on display ^^ it was meant to be blue too, but we decided to paint it in yellow instead :) My house came totally disassembled, my father spend quite a long time mounting it and painting, I know he painted the tiles one by one ^^, we also customized the inner walls and floor, you have to do it before assembling the house. So there you have it, I hope you can find it! I don’t know how much it cost tho ^^”’ Good luck!

  12. Again thank you so much for the time you took looking for it I am truly grateful!
    It is the one
    so beautiful n.n soon as can I’ll order it. Just one last question, is it really as sturdy as they say it is? I own 3 cats which I won’t let them near it but knowing them they would find a way eventually, I just wish to know if this type of model is something that won’t break with the smallest pressure against it.
    Thank you again n.n

    • The only fragile thing is the railing of the roof and balcony, it depends on the glue you use, but my mother did take it off while cleaning, I just had to reglue it :) Now I just remembered how my dog used to come near it, sniff around and open the door with his nose xD

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