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April 17, 2014
by Kuraikawai

Murasaki-chan casual ver.

Kyaaa!!! Murasaki-chan has got a new wig and clothes!

You might have read/seen that I have been making a lot of t-shirts now, but this time I wanted to make a small variation and added a hoodie ^^. Here Murasaki-chan is wearing a hoodie with a design made by Puppy52 :333. Murasaki-chan hugging puppy-chan is just too cute!!! I also was able to preorder a pair of jeans from her and she customized the back pockets with my butterfly logo! <3333 Now Murasaki-chan has her full casual set ready :)

Go here to know who is Murasaki-chan :3 –> Murasaki-chan illustration and DD Murasaki-chan 


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April 12, 2014
by Kuraikawai

Moekana Usagi t-shirt – Easter special Gift!

Now that Easter is around the corner, the best moekana is Usagi isn’t it? :)) I also found today at a local store this cute little wood Easter eggs, and decided to add a small gift to all purchases of Usagi t-shirts :) Not much, but I hope a little detail makes you happy! :) I have 8 different to collect, hahaha :) here is the link to the store! –> click



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April 6, 2014
by Kuraikawai

Shimakaze cosplay

Finally finished a this commission of Shimakaze, again it took me too long >_<. It was made for S bust as requested by the customer and I also made the boots with the help of my father did and incredible work with the red sole. I will leave you with a few pictures I took, and also of Mirai chan wearing it (Miraikaze as my friend called her ^^). It didn’t fit her bust tho ^^”” Mirai chan pictures were on Culture Japan, as a part of the April’s fools posts, but who knows, maybe it’s true ;)


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March 23, 2014
by Kuraikawai

500 Friends on Facebook Giveaway!

I’m so happy!!! I just got over 500 friends on Facebook!!!! ^__^ , time to prepare a GIVEAWAAAAAAAAY..

Participating is easy!!
Which T-shirt would you like me to Giveaway?? :))) Charuca, Puppy52 or Moekana?

Just go to my Facebook profile ( ) , ask for a friend request if you still haven’t and participate! rules are easy.

1) post the number of the tee on the giveaway post, and
2) share share shaaare the post!

that’s all!! I will announce the winner next Saturdaaay!!!!!

Good luck xD and thanks for your support!!! :))

*Note* I will just count entries for the giveaway from the posts on Facebook! some of you use different nicknames here and there and it would be a mess to count them all xD

giveaway 500 small

March 13, 2014
by Kuraikawai

Mirai as Super Sonico

Recently I made Sonico’s shirt as a small commission and before sending it Mirai-chan wanted to cosplay as her. I don’t have any suitable headphones, but those looks just cute on her desu ne?? :333. Here you have some quick pictures, it was late at night so the light is not the best, but still, she is so cute that I think it doesn’t matter, LOL xD

mirai sonico-4

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February 28, 2014
by Kuraikawai

Danny Choo in Barcelona

This was probably the best week in my life until now regarding my Doll hobby @_@. I got involved with the Smart Doll project some months ago and became part of the apparel developement team. Danny-san was invited to the World Mobile Congress to talk about Smart Doll project and I took the chance to meet him in order to give him the tees I was making for Smart Doll Mirai Manual ver. On the left, Danny’s  Mirai, on the right the development kit which is staying with me for reference to develop the clothing. It’s the latest version but not final one :). She is just so cute! <3


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February 27, 2014
by Kuraikawai

Doll meeting Ciutadella Park


Photos of the last ( short >_<) meeting with my friends from Barcelona Yuriko and Amyseeker :) Saku-chan and my Pullip Kana-chan came with me this time. Yuriko brought her two newest girls, her custom Alice from Queens Blade and Yaya.chan!! Amyseeker came with Rin Riiiin!!!!


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February 10, 2014
by Kuraikawai

Doll meet – February-


Last week I had a doll meet with Iomi-chan who came to Barcelona on holidays and Uriko who also came from her hometown and stayed at home for a few days  (See Dollfie party post xD). I brought Nia and Mai, Uriko brought her Kokoro (DD mariko) and Yuki, and Iomi her custom Yukiho by Ronronshuka. We had a great time! it’s always very nice to meet doll owners from other countries :)


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February 7, 2014
by Kuraikawai

Dollfie Party!

Dollfie group photo!

My friend Uriko-chan came to visit and brought home some of her dolls, and we decided to take a group picture :3 I removed the sewing machines form the desk and used it to put all the girls there, they look so nice together!!! Still some are missing as we didn’t have more bodies xD

dollfie party-1

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