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May 16, 2016
by Kuraikawai

MDD Yume

I want you to meet Yume-chan!

She is my new MDD, a DDH01 head customised by Clockwork Angel. I wanted a sweet style for her, but not too childish look. I think she did a great work. I am still finishing her dress, so for now here you have some pictures of her cute face :)


Welcome to the family Yume!







April 8, 2016
by Kuraikawai


On my last trip to Japan, I brought back home Smart Doll Ebony Futaba. She is simply stunning! I had my eye on her since her release, but I had to wait a bit since Sheryl was also on her way.

We renamed her Midori Futaba :3

Since I was at the store, I also bought the red boots and short jeans. The cardigan she is wearing is actually the prototype of the cardigan you can find on Smart Doll`s Store web page. The tanned skin was a big +++ when choosing between Chitose or Futaba sisters, the skin color is really nice! I also liked how it looked on Eiji Crimson version…. if I ever get a male doll, it will be him xD.

So I leave you with the short photoshoot of Midori! Photos of Japan soon!


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February 6, 2016
by Kuraikawai
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Kuma Hoodies


I finally uploaded some winter clothes for sale (but they sold out so fast!!!, I will try my best to make a second batch!). I made 4 different colors of sleeveless hoodies with cute bear ears. I love this super soft fabric, and the girls look so cute!The fit both Smart Doll and Dollfie Dream, and all busts :)

Here I leave you with the photo session :)


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January 15, 2016
by Kuraikawai


Hello! >O< I have fallen behind blog posts again!! sorry about that… T_T

Yesterday Sheryl finally arrived, she was stuck at customs for one month! *angry* …

But she’s here…and gorgeous! <3 <3 <3  don’t you think so as well? :3sheryl-5 here you have a short photo session, I’ll make sure I take more pictures soon!





September 27, 2015
by Kuraikawai

Tora Taiga


Puppy52 shared some pictures with me of her MDD custom Taiga wearing my Tora Kigurumi :3 It fits her so much!!! hahaha, the tiger dress I mean, sadly the size is totally wrong as I only made the kigus Smart Doll / DD size, but it looks so cute on her! Although I’m not sure if Taiga is angry because her mommy got her the wrong size or because she doesn’t like pictures xD …sorry Taiga! in any case your mommy got it for your big sisters… you may wear it when you grow up! ^__^.


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August 26, 2015
by Kuraikawai

Dolls & Party Barcelona 2015

Hello! It’s been a long time since the last post >_< Sadly work is not letting me much time for the hobby and less to take new pictures.

The most recent event was a Dolls&party event in Barcelona where I had my own stand. I prepared some outfits for sale as well as some t-shirts. Dollie Dream is not so popular in Spain as other BJD’s but little by little the community is getting more owners. Almost all gathered at some point in the afternoon and we took group pictures :) Some little Azone also joined!

I leave you with some pictures I took :)

Have a nice day!


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April 5, 2015
by Kuraikawai

Miku under the cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossoms! or better said A cherry blossom xD. My parents have a cherry tree in their garden and this year I made it to come by at the right time for some pictures. Last year we had bad weather and all flowers were gone within days >_<. At least I’m happy I can get a lil bit of “Sakura” season at home :)

So here are the 1st photoshoot of the long awaited Miku-chan. I am very very happy I ordered her, she is just so lovely <3! She is wearing a test outfit that My friend Uriko said it looked like an Idol xD, couldn’t be better for Miku!  I hope you like the rest of the pictures!

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April 5, 2015
by Kuraikawai

Sheep Kigurumi

After the Tora Kigurumi, the next one I wanted to make was the Moekana Sheep Kigurumi. I tried my best to make it look as the illustration, but couldn’t make it as “fat, chubby” because of the scale of the doll, it would have turned up into a huge furry ball xD. I just had time to take few photos before sending it to Danny. This time this will be the only one I’ll make, and won’t be able for sale. I hope you like it! Mee mee meeeeeee!

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