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September 27, 2015
by Kuraikawai
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Tora Taiga


Puppy52 shared some pictures with me of her MDD custom Taiga wearing my Tora Kigurumi :3 It fits her so much!!! hahaha, the tiger dress I mean, sadly the size is totally wrong as I only made the kigus Smart Doll / DD size, but it looks so cute on her! Although I’m not sure if Taiga is angry because her mommy got her the wrong size or because she doesn’t like pictures xD …sorry Taiga! in any case your mommy got it for your big sisters… you may wear it when you grow up! ^__^.


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August 26, 2015
by Kuraikawai

Dolls & Party Barcelona 2015

Hello! It’s been a long time since the last post >_< Sadly work is not letting me much time for the hobby and less to take new pictures.

The most recent event was a Dolls&party event in Barcelona where I had my own stand. I prepared some outfits for sale as well as some t-shirts. Dollie Dream is not so popular in Spain as other BJD’s but little by little the community is getting more owners. Almost all gathered at some point in the afternoon and we took group pictures :) Some little Azone also joined!

I leave you with some pictures I took :)

Have a nice day!


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April 5, 2015
by Kuraikawai

Miku under the cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossoms! or better said A cherry blossom xD. My parents have a cherry tree in their garden and this year I made it to come by at the right time for some pictures. Last year we had bad weather and all flowers were gone within days >_<. At least I’m happy I can get a lil bit of “Sakura” season at home :)

So here are the 1st photoshoot of the long awaited Miku-chan. I am very very happy I ordered her, she is just so lovely <3! She is wearing a test outfit that My friend Uriko said it looked like an Idol xD, couldn’t be better for Miku!  I hope you like the rest of the pictures!

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April 5, 2015
by Kuraikawai

Sheep Kigurumi

After the Tora Kigurumi, the next one I wanted to make was the Moekana Sheep Kigurumi. I tried my best to make it look as the illustration, but couldn’t make it as “fat, chubby” because of the scale of the doll, it would have turned up into a huge furry ball xD. I just had time to take few photos before sending it to Danny. This time this will be the only one I’ll make, and won’t be able for sale. I hope you like it! Mee mee meeeeeee!

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April 2, 2015
by Kuraikawai

Card Captor Sakura Cosplay for MDD

The latest commission I finished is a Card Captor Sakura cosplay for MDD :). This is the second cosplay I make for MDD, and I’m very thankful to the customers who ordered it, as it pushed me to finally make patterns for MDD!

It was hard to find a suitable color for the dress, I hoped for a lighter pink to get a better contrast with the red.

Also I might remake the hat… it’s hard to make it stay in this position xD


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December 2, 2014
by Kuraikawai

Hasegawa Kobato cosplay

Catching up with commissions! It’s my first MDD dress and the character is Hasegawa Kobato-chan from the anime  “Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai” .

Before you read on, I KNOW! I forgot the collar xD but it’s a simple one, so the owner will get it, hahaha, sorry about that :D and I didn’t make the plushie either, but the owner will get it made from someone else I believe :) For now, here you have a few pictures I took from my temporarily MDD mini Inori ( my custom DDH06 Inori from Guilty Crown that lost her DDS body to Ringo-chan, who was my MDD before…long story, haha).


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November 27, 2014
by Kuraikawai

Tora Kigurumi


If you follow me on Facebook, you maybe saw a picture of my new project. Few months ago Danny Choo asked me to make a Tora Kigurumi that looks the same as the Moekana Tora hiragana learning card. It took me a while to get to the final piece but I was on time to make the 1st sample and deliver it to Danny during my trip to Japan. I’m very happy with the results and it is very fluffy, hehe.

I’m taking some limited preorders of it now.  But before purchasing please go and read the post about the Tora Kigurumi on :) and see what he says about it and his pictures! –> LINK

It takes a lot of work to make one, so it might take some weeks to finish them. I hope all people that preorder understands that and have a little patience :). You can read more information on the preorder page at the SHOP.



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